Pierce County Library System to Go Tobacco-Free

Starting April 2, 2012, Pierce County Library System will be tobacco free.

Starting April 2, 2012, Pierce County Library System will be tobacco free. To increase the Library’s comfortable, accessible and welcoming environment for all people, the properties the Library fully owns will be smoke and tobacco free: Bonney Lake, Buckley, Eatonville, Fife, , Graham, Lakewood, Parkland/Spanaway Pierce, South Hill, Steilacoom and Summit Pierce County Libraries, as well as the Processing and Administrative Center.

The locations where the Library does not fully own the property will not be tobacco free at this time: , DuPont, , Milton/Edgewood, Orting, , Tillicum and University Place Pierce County Libraries.

“We weighed our decision to become tobacco free with our mission to bring the world of information and imagination to all people of our community,” said Neel Parikh, executive director for the Library System. “Smoking at entrances to some libraries was making some people feel unwelcome. We also noted that staff was taken away from providing services to enforce the smoking at entrances law.”

In January 2012 the Library’s Board of Trustees adopted a Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus Policy, which goes into effect next month.

The policy defines the Library’s properties as buildings, grounds and vehicles. The policy defines tobacco as smoking in all forms, including the use of electronic cigarettes and smoke-free oral tobacco products.

A procedure to the Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus Policy allows people to smoke within their private vehicles that are parked 25 feet from an entrance to the buildings or an air intake vent.

Thad Marney March 06, 2012 at 04:37 PM
If the Pierce County Library System actually had any way to enforce the prohibition on smoke-free tobacco products, this policy would be discriminating against people who have a medical disease or disability that make it difficult or impossible to perform activities of daily living without access to nicotine or other tobacco products. It's a symbolic, but otherwise meaningless step toward a fascist nanny-state. Congratulations, Pierce County Library System, you have restricted a form of expression and basically advocated for censorship. Smokeless tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking in exactly the same way that reading books is not a safe alternative to burning them.
Lauren Padgett March 07, 2012 at 07:31 PM
Attention readers: The Bonney Lake and Sumner branches of the Pierce County Library are not going tobacco free. We've been informed that while the library system owns the Bonney Lake and Sumner Library buildings, it does not own the parking lots so smoking cannot be prohibited. Sorry for the confusion.


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