Reader Question: What's That Smell in Sumner?

One resident asked Patch through our Facebook page what was up with the stinky smell in Sumner.

Something smells weird in Sumner... and here's why.

A reader asked Bonney Lake-Sumner Patch the following question via Facebook:

I have a question-what is the cause of the stench along 410 through the Sumner valley? It smells like a sewer main broke! Anyone know?

I asked Carmen Palmer, head of communications for Sumner, if she knew what was up. Palmer responded:

She smelled a strong smell of manure, not sewer.  It’s the routine manure spreading in the fields south of town.  Ever since they switched from chemicals to all-natural products, it’s increased the scent quite a bit.

We think a little stench is well worth fresh manure on the local land!


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