Bites Nearby: Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar

If you are looking for an unusual twist to your standard pizzeria and want one to eat, drink and dance the night away, then Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar on South Tacoma Way may just be the hot spot you have been waiting for.

It may be a new year with hopeful resolutions abound, but that doesn’t mean we, as eaters, need to give up on our favorite foods. This is where pizza enters the picture and it’s a picture unlike any other. Fantastically framed and artistically painted in an unknown whirlwind of colors, Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar is a work of art.

I remember when Stonegate opened its doors a couple of years ago and I had a chance to talk with the owner, Jeff Call. He was painting the outside of his building and returned the hello with a winning grin. It only took a few minutes of conversation when I knew this man had large aspirations to bring a new model of dining to an area in need of something big.

Here it is, two years later and the grin and the business are still going strong.

The atmosphere is unique with a rock–n-roll edge, neon lighting and not one, but two bars. Yes… two bars. And yes, my eyes did just get really big when I thought about it! There is a lounge area with comfortable weathered leather couches made for the lounging beer drinker and a couple of pool tables. There is also a live music stage featuring local bands and enough room to get your boogie on and impress all your friends with your Wii moves.

But, most importantly, how is the food?

Stonegate’s pizza is amazing and well worth the wait, as each is specially hand-made and distinctively different, with subtly sexy names. Where else can you get a pizza named ‘Get Some Tail’ that features lobster, artichoke hearts, basil and a creamy lemon garlic house sauce? Or perhaps the ‘Pad Thai’ is more your speed, with chicken, water chestnuts, red and yellow bell peppers, drizzled with a coconut milk and their signature Thai peanut sauce. 

‘Peanut Butter and Bacon’ anyone? Yes, this pizza is loaded with mouthwatering creamy peanut butter, sizzling crisp bacon and jack and cheddar cheeses. If you are a kid at heart and want to keep your thumper a little healthier, there is always just the plain PB&J. If you would rather make your own, there’s that option as well.

Other pizza house favorites include the ‘Angry Hawaiian’ which is enhanced with coconut milk and their signature Thai chili sauce, the ‘Meatlovers’ with my all-time favorite in the Italian sausage world—Capicola. The list of pizzas goes on as well as the rest of the extensive menu.

Just for a teaser (and because you need, need, need to visit this place) I will mention some other amazing dining treats such as the ‘Grilled Chicken Mushroom Sandwich,' the 'Hottie' pizza, 'BBQ Rum Wings,' 'Pan Seared Scallop Skewers,' 'Bacon Cheddar Ciabatta Burger and “Crab Mac-n-Cheese.'

Seriously—are you in your car yet?

I haven’t even begun to describe what is behind the bar but all you need to know is that there is a LOT of rum and pretty much any other adult beverage you may want to indulge in. Whatever it is, the Stonegate seems to have it covered. All you need to do is make it your next destination spot.

For more information about Stonegate Pizza and Rum Bar, contact 253-606-2255 or visit their website (currently under construction) at www.stonegaterocks.com.


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