Peek-A-Brew Transforms Into Bonney Lake Coffee

The owners of Bonney Lake Coffee want to make one thing clear: they are not the naughty neighbor next door.

The distinctive coffee pot-shaped drive-through coffee stand on SR 410 that was Perky’s, then Cowgirls, then , has changed owners once again. The new owners, Jeff and Bia Jackson, have chosen the no-nonsense name and, according to Bia, goal number one is to “make customers happy and to give them a drink with love.”

Bonney Lake Coffee could not be more different than the business that occupied the same building three months ago—Peek-A-Brew—which featured baristas clad in lingerie. On more than one occasion, the employees were subject to .

“They’ve been in the business for a long, long time,” said Bia of the previous owners, “and they were ready to do something else.”

Jeff and Bia Jackson, husband and wife, are first-time business owners.

Jeff is a veteran, Bia was born in Brazil. Before moving to the Seattle area, Bia lived in San Diego for three years. After finding herself disappointed by the culinary arts program at the Art Institute of Seattle, she has decided to pursue other options.

“It was always my dream to have a café,” said Bia.

Jeff and Bia have painted over the black teapot with red lipstick prints, now it is a neutral tan with a red-orange roof. The logo is a toucan perched on a teacup, holding a blue umbrella. A miniature American flag flies in the drive-through window. The baristas (Bia and three other girls), are fully clothed.

“We’re actually trying to be a part of the community,” said Bia. “We’re booked for this month of August, for car washes for charity events.”

They aim to help all of the people who approach them for sponsorship of charities and community events, and they support their church. Drink discounts are offered to teachers, military, police and fire fighters.

Another distinguishing feature of Bonney Lake Coffee is the friendliness of its staff. They make an effort to chat with customers, ask them about their families and jobs, and to remember their repeat customers.

So far, customers have taken a liking to white chocolate mochas (they go through about seven pounds of white chocolate a day), vanilla chai lattes, the Zinger (red bull, vanilla, raspberry and orange juice) and the Explosion (espresso beans, caramel, white chocolate and smoothie cream).

Other favorites include chocolate muffins, pepperoni pizza bagels, raspberry ginger lemon scones and jalapeno bagels.

One thing that sets Bonney Lake Coffee apart is its ice cream, although it hasn't quite caught on yet, said Bia, because not many people are aware that they offer it. That could all change when they start selling sundaes, which will be featured on the menu soon.

Bia and Jeff hope the new offerings will attract local family customers.

“We’re family-oriented,” emphasized Bia. “This is our job, but at the same time it’s our lives... We really care about people.”

Misty Lambrecht March 27, 2012 at 03:10 AM
I am a visitor to Bonnie Lake and went with daughter age eleven to Bonnie Lake Coffee, today 03/26/11, The lady working at the coffee shop did have on a Bikini that was not offensive. I was very offended by the "Jesus Freak" taking my pictures, pictures of my minor child, my car licence plate and overall harassing myself and the business owner. I would have called the police, but the business owner did go out and talk nicely to the ladies, asking them to leave. I would visit this business again, but would never attend a church in this area, just in case they would promote this type of harassment!
Skippy March 27, 2012 at 04:22 AM
I love me a good O' cup of joe but to be honest, simply some fresh ground Colombian beans packed in by Juan Valdez with a little half n half and sweet n low and I'm good. All the fancy 100 item list of add in ingredients; Triple decaf ,mocha, chocolate, vanilla, goji berry, chai, skinny latte is just a bit too much complexity for a simple mind such as mine. I was frankly stunned that lil' ol' Bone-y Lake had such a salacious, bountiful set of mocha slinging hussies dawning nothing but of all things skimpy pasties! I suppose had I known early on, before the publicity hub bub that I could get a nice cheap $5 thrill and caffeine I might have taken the time to learn the coffee stand lingo. Maybe next time, but until the mostly neked coffee bimbo's return I'll have to be content with Mickey D's $1 cafe special. BTW isn't Bonney Lake coffee out of business?


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