SDA Member of the Month: Spartan Agency

Spartan Agency is the Sumner Downtown Association's Member of the Month for October.

From Laurie Miller at the Sumner Downtown Association:

Glenn and Carol Whaley of Spartan Agency have been active and involved with the Sumner Downtown Association for many years. They have participated visually by assisting with events, helping with the burger booth, participating in the car show, assisting with the set up of the wine walks and any other task needing to be accomplished.

They also participate in a way that most of you would never know. What they do you cannot see because it is behind the scenes. Glenn is the webmaster for our website and his patient wife Carol allows him the time to do this for the Association.

Many of you may not know or feel this is a difficult task. But I assure you, it can be very daunting, time consuming and requires a great deal of patience and creativity.

Recently I sought out Glenn to assist in getting our Holiday Greens and Poinsettia Fundraiser information on our website. Glenn invited me to sit beside him so that I might understand the process he goes through each time we make such a request. It wasn’t as simple as point, click, hold, drag and release. There were some programming processes needing to be done as well. At one point, he had three screens opened and was moving, copying and typing into each. That afternoon, I gained an entirely new respect for his efforts in maintaining our Sumner Downtown Association website.

The service he provides has a tremendous impact on your businesses and the Sumner community as a whole. His posts keep visitors and locals abreast of our events, of the businesses one might find in Sumner, contact information, history, supporters of the B&O Tax Incentive Credit Program and much, much more.

This last year alone, we saw an increase in the “clicks” of our website through Google Analytics - something Glenn set up for SDA and taught me to use. This keeps us informed of what visitors are looking at on the website, how long they view it and provides the city or zip code location from whence the click was made. All of this is useful in knowing who our clients or customers are as well as their needs.

Glenn and Carol are also very active and deeply involved with the Daffodil Festival. They have a heart for their community and clearly contribute a great deal of their time to ensure we are presented in the most positive light.

Additionally, they have been a B & O Tax Credit Incentive supporter for SDA which assists in keeping our doors open to do what we do best...promote the Sumner downtown. Next time you see Glenn and Carol, please congratulate them on this acknowledgement.


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