Bites Nearby: The Buzz on Applebee's

Are you looking for a late night restaurant but are tired of the same old bar scene with bad beer and even worse food? Then check out the menu and awesome happy hour specials at Applebee's.

I am not much of a late night eater, especially during the week, but while heading out of town on a road trip I couldn’t possibly ignore the roar of hunger in my stomach. Although many drive-thrus were available and knowing there wouldn't be many options on my way to the mountain, I was resigned to the idea of greasy fries.

Until, that is, I spotted .

I must admit that I am also not a big fan of chain restaurants, but sometimes one has to do what one has to do… period. 

It was a great choice.

The first thing D.P. and I noticed (of course) was the happy hour menu with half-off all appetizers and some killer drink specials. I quickly settled for the Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea and D.P., being the designated driver, solemnly chose straight lemonade. For only $4, I was quite pleased with the size and stiffness of my beverage. It was a true winner!

Although all appetizers were half off, both of us were just plain hungry so I chose the Double Crunch Shrimp Platter and a side salad. D.P. picked the Cowboy Burger, which was guaranteed to be one big hot juicy mess between two buns.  The salad came out first and, for a mere $3.49, it was a very nice size. Between the two of us, we demolished the leafy greens with bacon and cheese topping in a rabbit’s heartbeat. 

Then came the big guns.

The ample plate of shrimp was fried to perfection. D.P.’s burger was what I anticipated -- it was B.I.G. with a capital 'B' for bacon. It did not come out medium rare as ordered, but with the fear of undercooked meats in restaurants, we weren’t surprised. The crispy onion strings and BBQ sauce complimented the beef patty well and it’s a good thing the burger was enough to fill the appetite because the fries, although crispy and hot, were way too salty. The coleslaw had, well, it had no taste… zero.

That’s okay though because I had my eyes set on another Tea.

All in all, the prices at Applebee’s were fair, the food choices overall were tasty and the happy hour prices cannot be beat, especially for the budget-minded. The bar scene is relaxed and pleasant. It seems to be a popular destination for neighbors, which I guess is the reason Applebee’s slogan is: “There’s no place like the neighborhood.”

So there it is-the buzz (literally) on Applebee’s—check it out!

For more information, visit their website at www.applebees.com

Skippy October 18, 2011 at 05:24 PM
I swear their steaks are pre cooked with grill marks and vacuum packed at the corporate meat processing center before being sent to all the AB "kitchens". I as well ordered a medium rare cut of beef and know when it's medium rare. Thing came out luke warm yet mysteriously no where near medium or rare, it was well done no hint of blood and or juiciness one expects from a 'to order' steak. I agree with the articles author that fear of food poisoning and subsequent law suits make custom cooked meats a thing of the past at many corporate chain restaurants. If one is looking for something somewhat healthy at the fast food joints, try a Wendy's baked potato and or chili. Subway has a whole line or low fat tasty sandwiches, and Mc Donald's has a surprisingly good side salad on their buck menu...


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