Thanksgiving, Apple Cup and Turkey Bowls

From sharing my Thanksgiving table, to Apple Cup jokes and Turkey Bowl rules you'll get it all in my blog.

It is Thanksgiving and Apple Cup week along with many neighborhood Turkey Bowls about to be played.  If I had a chance to share my Thanksgiving table with any sports figures past or present here is my top five.

1. & 2. Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali

Separately either one of this guys would be a great guess but put them together and let the fun begin.  Who else could handle the big personality of Ali but the equally big talented Howard Cosell.  Thanks to ABC Wide World of Sports, I have fond memories of watching the two of them in action.  For all you fans below is a link to one of the best montages of the two of them together, I hope you enjoy.


3. Hank Aaron

I would love to talk to Hammerin Hank about his days playing in the Negro League and the racism and hatred he had to endure while breaking Babe Ruth's homerun record.  I also want to know how his family made it through the name calling and death threats he was receiving as he got closer to breaking the record and what he thinks of his record being broke by Berry Bonds, an alleged steroid user.

4. Pat Summitt

When I was young I caught a women's basketball game on ABC Wide World of Sports.  The first thing I noticed was these orange uniforms and then the second thing I noticed there was a woman coaching the team.  This was when I fell in love with the Tennessee Lady Vols and their coach Pat Summitt.  At the time I had no clue that women's college basketball wasn't even sanctioned as an NCAA sport and that a NCAA women's tournament didn't start until 1980.  Pat Summitt was there for it all.  I would love to hear her stories of how the sport has evolved during her 38-years of coaching.  She is the winningest basketball coach male or female and has never had a losing season.  It was a sad day for me when she had to announce her retirement at the young age of 59 due to the early onset of Alzheimer.

5. Pete Carroll

I wanted someone a little more current at the table.  Yes I call him Pollyanna Pete but he comes with both college and NFL experience plus he can talk for an hour and you still won't know what he is talking about.  His interaction between the other guess would be fun to watch.  Plus I want to know how much he really knew about the USC violations.

Some of my honorable mentions:  Jim Zorn, Steve Largent, Pete Rose and Don James

This Friday will the the 105th meeting of UW and WSU so let the jokes begin.  I don't want to appear bias towards the Dawgs, so I will be fair and put in a joke for both teams.

UW Joke:

Two University of Washington football players decide to go fishing in Eastern Washington.  They end up on opposite sides of the Yakima River. The first Husky notices his friend is having great luck catching fish, so he shouts to him, "How do I get to the other side?"  "The other Husky yells back, "You are on the other side!"

WSU Joke: 

Where do you go in Pullman in case of a tornado?  Martin Stadium - they never get a touchdown there

Turkey Bowl:
This is one of the funnier things I have read and still enjoy it every year.  Even if you will not be playing in a Turkey Bowl, I promise you will get a laugh out of the unofficial rules to playing in a Turkey Bowl:


I will be spending Thanksgiving with my favorite Niece Amber along with family and friends.  I have mentioned before that I run on sports time and will be leaving my house at halftime of the second NFL game.  Any of you playing in a Turkey Bowl please remember your not as young as you use to be.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Go Dawgs!



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