Wanna Post Your Events on Patch? Here's How

Read these step-by-step instructions to learn how easy it is to post your events and announcements on Bonney Lake-Sumner Patch.

Have something going on that you would like people to know about? A fundraiser? A race? A school or athletic event? A book sale? Let us and everyone else know about it. It’s very easy to post information about your event on your Patch site. Here’s how to do it.

Your Event: Our Calendar

Just go to the bottom of the Events column and right beneath the link for "see more events," there's a link in smaller type to post your own event.

Click on that and just follow the tabs, section by section. Give your event a title, then tab down to the time and date, then to the location tab and if your event is potentially of interest in nearby communities, click the tabs for those sites, too.  A brief description and then just a few more tabs to tell people what kind of event it is (sporting, arts, etc.), how much it might cost and then tab down to the bottom of the page where it says post my event. Click that tab and you are done. The event is posted.
How many times have you learned about something the day after it happens and think, “if only I had known…” Let’s work together to make sure we all know about the events and activities that are coming up in our community. 
Get word out about your event and help us make the Patch calendar even richer. There’s a lot going on in our towns and communities and if it is of interest to you, it’s bound to be of interest to someone else as well.

So share your news. As much as we might like, we don’t know about everything that every activity, so please join with us to make our Patch calendar a more vibrant community tool.

Your News: Your Announcements

And while we’re at it…we invite you to post announcements as well.  Announcements are for things other than a particular event — if you want to tell about someone’s particular accomplishment or if there is extended signup for a course or a team or anything else that doesn’t quite fit into the category of an event. 

It’s just as easy.

Go to the News header, second from the left and tab down to announcements.

Click on announcements and when you do, you will see a tab with a green plus sign in the upper right hand corner. Click on that and you will get to your announcement page.  Just like posting an event, all you have to do is follow the prompts.

We look forward to hearing from you more often in the days, weeks and months ahead.


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