Vote YES for the Bonney Lake Metropolitan Park District (MPD) on April 23, 2013 - Part 4

Parks have become the backyard that was readily available 100 years ago. Vote YES for the MPD on April 23, 2013.

Vote YES for the Bonney Lake Metropolitan Park District (MPD)  on April 23, 2013 - Part 4

In an earlier blog, one comment that was made implied that we really don’t need parks because they weren’t needed 100 years ago. There is a great deal that was not needed 100 years ago as compared to today. We no longer live in a farming community, and any forests which remain have to be fought for to be preserved. We are an urban community where most of our developments have small lots with very little yard space. There are very few areas where one of our children can go for an impromptu ball game with the neighbor kids. They must go to one of our parks or maybe to a school field and hope that no organized league has control of the field. 

One hundred years ago our plateau had a lot of open space. Adults and kids could run through the prairies, trek through the forest, scramble across the creeks, swim in the lakes and not worry about trespassing. Hunting for deer, elk, and bear was possible. Fishing for trout in Fennel Creek or for salmon below Victor Falls was common. The population here on the plateau numbered barely more than a hundred, but they were far more physically fit and used to an active lifestyle.

Today we have grown to more than 17,000 inhabitants within the city. Nearly every foot of lakeside property is privately owned. We might be lucky enough to see only an occasional deer, and the game fish in upper Fennel Creek have disappeared because of growth and development. The most activity that many of us now have is in our fingers and thumbs as we maneuver the controls of our iphones, tablets, computers and all things electronic. We need the parks for the health and well being of ourselves and our children and all who may follow. Parks have become the backyard that was readily available 100 years ago.


In two of the earlier blogs I talked about the two largest parks that Bonney Lake has, Allan Yorke and Cedarview. Today I’m going to focus on Cedarview. The following is from a note that I received from current Deputy Mayor Dan Swatman When I moved into the Cedarview community they had an HOA which mainly took care of the park. The Secretary/treasurer was looking to move on so shortly after becoming a member I took over that position. We charged from about 20 bucks to around 30 a year in the end for each homeowner.

As you might think very few people wanted to help with any projects so as costs increased for the park being able to care for the park at a good level was becoming very difficult. Also as more people moved into the area more people from other places in the city were using the park. The park was known by some as “no name park.” I was on the council by that time and knew that parks were a priority for the city. The city needed more park space and Cedarview needed a way to have the park improved. After much discussion with the board and what could be done, things like selling the park to the city (not likely in my opinion at that time), selling to developers (I believe that park is about 5 lots stuck together), giving the park to the city if they improved the park.

The city worked directly with the community members to decide what and how to use the park in fact the neighbors supplied a lot of the labor required to build the initial improvements.

The latter was the choice of the membership and that also removed the need for an HOA which dissolved. Now the park has been significantly improved and is an official asset for all. I believe this was an excellent example of how a partnership between a community group and the city can be very effective working together to provide a solution which is far superior to anything that could be done separately. - Dan Swatman”

After a great deal of work the “no name” park turned into a new jewel in the City and became Cedarview as shown in the attached before and after photos. More recent photos show that with money only being set aside for operations and maintenance that things are once again deteriorating in Cedarview Park as well as in Ken Simmons Park.

The City of Bonney Lake budget for the current biennium has money identified for operations and maintenance costs and to cover the interlocal agreement with Sumner and the Sumner School District for the Bonney Lake-Sumner Parks and Recreation Department.  Those opposed to an MPD have cited the portion of the city budget which states there is $1.6 million for parks. If they checked the facts, they would find that this was part of the matching funds that was required for a grant the city was able to receive in 2007 for the Safe Routes to School project, costing more than $3 million. It does nothing for any other park needs, like development or the continued operations and maintenance of existing facilities. There are no additional dollars in the budget to provide for growth work in any of the “diamonds in the rough” that the City currently owns. This is the reason that the YES MPD committee is urging all voters to Vote Yes for the Metropolitan Park District on April 23, 2013. It’s our hope and expectation that when the Metropolitan Park District has been approved, a Director of Parks will be hired to work with the Park Commission, aka the City Council, to identify what projects will be pursued. Once projects have been identified, they’ll be able to identify a specific budget and begin the funding process. Not until then will we be able to know how much our estimated new tax outlay will be. However, the best estimate is that it should not exceed $0.44 per $1,000.00. Like any project conducted by government it will be up to us civilian watch dogs to insure that our money is spent wisely.

Thanks for your time – I hope you’ll vote YES for the Metropolitan Park District on April 23, 2013. 



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Grant Sulham February 17, 2013 at 05:45 PM
Perhaps it's wise to look at what's happening outside of Bonney Lake: "Pierce County leaders have shelved plans to ask voters to create a metropolitan park district as a separate source of tax revenue for parks. Assessed housing values have declined so much that a levy wouldn’t produce enough money, officials said. Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/02/12/2471301/county-park-district-idea-put.html#storylink=cpy" So a much larger political area can't afford a tax for their MPD. And: "What’s clear for Metro Parks Tacoma over the next two years is that the park district is facing a $7 million shortfall in its general fund budget, a gap that will require trimming positions and making cutbacks across the district." Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2012/11/23/2377504/metro-parks-hopes-grants-will.html#storylink=cpy What's to keep Bonney Lake from ending up in the same mess? On the way we found the Tacoma Metro Park. The 2011-2012 estimated in come is $108,771,405. Of this Salaries, supplies, debt payment and general operation costs are put at $52,871,921. So 49% of the budget doesn't go to what we would consider parks. It's administrative costs. Finally, where will our tax money go? Nod if you want trails, community center, playing fields. There's also the BMX track, Frisbee golf course.... See anywhere where they'll in the budget?
Louie Dahl February 18, 2013 at 10:53 PM
i think everyone should understand that if the parks election passes we will have a property tax on the parks, a property tax on flood control and in a year or two we will have another property tax on the new Fire Station. Please be careful how you vote. Louie Dahl
Scott W. Anderson February 19, 2013 at 12:49 AM
Grant - interesting point of view coming from the planning commision chairperson. The planning commission approved the Park Element of the Comprehensive Plan in 2011 and forwarded it to the council for approval in late 2011. It lists the shortfalls in the park system and the method used to determine the deficits. It is also available on the Proposed Park District information page. In regards to what and where money will be applied, why not review the very same document that you helped create, approve and forward to city. That is what will be followed. Have you already fogotten your participation in the creation of this document?
Fred Jacobsen February 19, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Part 1 of 2: Grant, you’re equating the City of Bonney Lake with both Pierce County and the City of Tacoma. You relate to ineptness in both governments and imply that the same ineptness reigns in Bonney Lake. As the Chair of the Planning Commission you’re in an ideal position to point out areas of concern. I’ve never heard you utter one disparaging comment about the mayor, council, or staff's decisions. In my estimation the mayor, council and staff of the City of Bonney Lake has worked its butt off over the past 4+ years to insure that they've been able to keep people on staff while at the same time working to reduce budgets in every possible area they can. While doing that has meant that some things have been allowed to deteriorate, such as, when vandalism hits a park, we may not be able to repair, or replace the vandalized item. The city has done quite well at keeping the parks open, along with all of their more critical departments, like water, sewer, and police. This is more than can be said for the city of Tacoma. For example look at the recent fire house closures, and moving the fireboat, around the city that are increasing response times.
Fred Jacobsen February 19, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Part 2 of 2: Talk about a David and Goliath comparison! If you read all parts of the article that you referenced, http://www.thenewstribune.com/2013/02/12/2471301/county-park-district-idea-put.html#storylink=cpy&quot you will also read that Unincorporated Pierce County has 49 county park sites covering about 5,000 acres. A 2008 county study reported it would cost $300 million to meet the public’s level of need for new and renovated parks. Part 3 of 3: Bonney Lake has maybe nine park sites covering about 177 acres. That is a whopping 3.5% of what Pierce County currently has. Other communities around the state, from those of hardly more than 500 population to some of the largest cities have created park districts to fund their swimming pools, community centers, parks, and trails. Approving a Metropolitan Park District for Bonney Lake is still the best method to insure that we, our children, and grandchildren will benefit from all the advantages that parks and trails can bring to a community.
Mark Bennett February 19, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Part 1) MB: You should really refrain from things about which you know nothing. I’ll try to educate you but I have the suspicion that it will be as futile as trying to teach differential equations to my dog, but here goes: Boeing had orders or 183 jets last December. Last January, it had two. There are eleven states where there are more people receiving public assistance than are employed. Walmart just reported disastrous sales figures for February. Uncle Sam borrows $0.46 of every dollar it spends and out of every tax dollar collected, spends $0.93 on the military. Once our creditors realize we will not repay them they will stop lending us money. When how will our monstrous bloated over-sized federal government be financed? Real unemployment, including all those the Dept. of Labor no longer counts because they have given up on looking for employment, is higher now than anytime in the previous great depression of the 1930s.
Mark Bennett February 19, 2013 at 05:30 PM
Part 2) continuing the lesson for MB. The Chinese have announced it will back its monetary unit, the yuan, by gold making it very likely to become the global currency and many world players are abandoning the US dollar because it has been so undermined by the Federal Reserve. Various countries are trying to get their gold back in their own countries because they no longer trust international bankers to keep it secure for them. People’s take home pay is going down because payroll taxes just went up and the average family of four will have to cough-up $20,000 per year to pay for Obamacare. Now, under these circumstances please explain why you continue to see some light at the end of the tunnel? There is none and things will get much worse before they get better. It is a matter of being aware of your environment. MB, once you get out of grade school and get a little experience in life and if you have an IQ of at least 100, you too may be able to understand economics and politics. Until then, go do your homework and stop playing “grownup” on the computer and refrain from criticizing those more knowledgeable and intelligent than you. Thanks
Mark Bennett February 19, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Readers Digest just filed for bankruptcy. In the past year, Hostess Brands filed for bankruptcy. In the past year, Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy. Take a look around your own neighborhood and see all the foreclosed homes. Realize that the Albertsons store closed as have many other Bonney Lake businesses. Uncle Sam has over 100 TRILLION dollars in obligations over the next 30 years with no foreseeable way to pay for them. Best Buy, Home Depot, Sears, K-Mart, Radio Shack are closing down hundreds of stores and there are people who want to saddle residents of Bonney Lake with still more taxes. Please voters, ignore the Pollyannas who keep telling you everything will be rainbows and unicorns if you will only work harder and give more of YOUR money to government. Wel all know how efficient and responsible government is. For the children and their future, SAY NO TO THE FOREVER TAX. Be mature and reject this profoundly bad tax plan.
Mark Bennett February 19, 2013 at 07:03 PM
I asked this question on blog 2 but go no answer so I'll keep asking it every day until one of the pro-violence proponents of the MPD provides an answer: Here is a proposal to everyone who thinks that Bonney Lake “needs” a youth center and more athletic fields. If there is indeed such a “need” then why don’t these folks band together, form a corporation, sell shares in your enterprise use the money obtained from the selling of stock, buy a parcel of land and build a youth center and some athletic fields? Stockholders could use the facilities for free or for a nominal cost and the various athletic associations that use soccer fields etc. could rent the facility they want. Young people who are not stockholders could be charged an admission fee. That way everybody would be satisfied. Those who think that they “need” to have these facilities available can participate in the endeavor and those who don’t will not have guns placed to their heads and money extracted at the threat of being shot. That is a win-win situation. If there are enough people who feel they “need” these facilities and the proponents keep claiming that there is a huge “need” for this and therefore many people who feel likewise, the proponents will not have a problem getting the funding and will not, at least over this issue, feel the need to use threats of violence to get their way.
MB February 20, 2013 at 10:57 PM
Mark - Wow. You have such a keen intelect and power of infurance. You sure were able to glean a lot of information from my one post. All I was looking to do was to simply point out, in a light hearted way, that your extremist points of view and bullying tactics are actually quite humerous to many. I fully appreciate the fact that you seem to have no life outside of taking over these sorts of comment areas on the Patch, Bonney Lake Sumner Courier Herald, the New Tribune, etc.. I, as well as everyone else who reads these posts witnesses you speaking derogitory to others who you know nothing about and in some sick way seems to give you some sense of impowerment which only emboldens you to go further and further. I want to thank you for all that you do to reinforce the fact that there are a lot of very odd people in this world. You have gone a long way to aid in bringing people the middle and understand that life is about comprimise and not extremes.
Scott W. Anderson February 20, 2013 at 11:21 PM
Seems you have done a good job of creating a good list of companies who weren't nimble enough or lacked the vision to be able to change or evolve with the times. The number of foreclosed homes in and around Bonney Lake is attributable to a multitude of reasons so unless you can provide substantiated proof that the bulk of those in the Bonney Lake area are due to the property taxes we have here your argument doesn't seem to hold water. Just because you want it to does not make it so. Show us the facts. As MB stated above, name calling and bullying tactics Mark does not really help your cause but rather drive people away from it.
Scott W. Anderson February 20, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Mark - that is certainly one idea and there are other ideas I'm sure. Unfortunately that is not an idea that they City of Bonney Lake is able to present to the citizens. That would be a private venture. One which anyone willing could try to put together. The City, with the prompting from the citizens, has elected to allow the residents of Bonney Lake to decide if they would like to establish a Metropolitan Parks District. The choice of an MPD over a stand alone Bond was decided by the City through citizen input as well as research conducted by the city. Your use of terms such as "guns placed to their heads and money extracted at the threat of being shot" are grossly over exaggerated. Not quite sure where you live or under what circumstances you must pay your taxes but I can't quite think of an example where either one of these ideas would be necessary other then to try scare people to believe something that is not really true. Lastly, I have been following most of the MPD discussion and have yet to see where anyone has threatend violiance from the Pro side. If you are able to provide clear evidence of this please do bring it forward otherwise please try to refrain from using scare tactics to prove some point that is not really true.
Grant Sulham February 21, 2013 at 03:02 AM
One thing that hasn't been addressed is "What projects will be funded?" Will it be trails, or a Frisbee golf course? To get the tax passed people will have to assume that their favorite project will be the first funded. Likely that's the only way they'll vote for the tax.. Have you seen the list? No problem, there isn't one. Strangely there's been no public accounting for where the money will go. A couple of posts ago the pro tax people listed "maintenance" as first on the list. How much of our tax money will go for maintenance? Then there are wages, administration, health benefits and pensions? With Tacoma it's 49%. Sure, trash Tacoma. That avoids having to say what the administrative costs will be. What we need is a balance sheet that puts down how much will be spent on specific park projects and how much will go for 'administration." I doubt we'll see it though. Those that see the administrative costs as too high or see their favorite project isn't on the list will vote "No" Any of the pro tax group want to put down where the money will go? At least let us see what we're buying? How about telling us what the first project built will be?
Tami Cutler February 21, 2013 at 04:03 AM
I have been following the back and forth comments/arguments on here for several weeks now. It seems that the most vocal opponent is convinced the sky is falling because Sears is closing stores. Um hello, have you been in a Sears lately? Maybe if they kept up with the times they wouldn't be in such bad shape. The other most prolific no commentor wants to know what exactly he's going to get for his $$, like there is some magic list of projects that will be built immediately. If you need to see a list of wants/needs for parks in our fair city you can go to the city website and look at the park element of the comprehensive plan. He should be familiar with it as he is the chairperson of the planning commission. All I know is it would be nice to have a place I can ride my bike with my family, or watch my kids play soccer and baseball without driving to Kent or Federal Way or Tukwila. If I can do that for less than a couple of lattes a month then I'll vote yes.
James K McClimans Sr February 21, 2013 at 04:51 AM
Here is the way the MPD looks to citizen who was not involved in city business until this issue: 1) the MPD will increase the size of government, as a Republican I find this unacceptable there are other ways, 2) the only plan is that the city council will run the MPD, I have had meetings with they mayor and some member of the council and I have not heard of a plan, they can not say how the current assets will be transferred or managed, they can not say what will be built. This is why Republicans think more government is bad. 3) My taxes will go up, and I have no guarantee of what I will get for the tax increase, 4) After reading the power point presentation on the city web sight i got the distinct impression that the MPD is easier to pass than a bond since it avoids the 40% turnout, with 60% validation. Furthermore the city could have placed the MPD on the November ballot and saved some of the estimated $23,000 dollars, but they know that it would probably fail so they decided to wait and spend the money for a special election. Once again this is why Republicans don't like big government. 5) According to the Comprehensive Plan we have an excess of neighborhood parks and open space. I don't see the crisis. I am sorry but I have limited resources and I have to plan each penny, it appears that the city wants more of my pennies and I don't plan on giving them to the city, I am voting NO on the MPD.
James K McClimans Sr February 21, 2013 at 05:12 AM
Regarding Mr Andersons response to Mr Bennet. Run a little experiment, don't pay your taxes anymore, and count the days until a someone with a gun shows up at your door. At first you may receive letters, and may be summoned to appear in court, ignore those just like you did your taxes and eventually someone in a uniform with a gun will show up at the door to take you to court, Its not pretty. I suspect that is what Mr. Bennet was trying say. TAXES are not voluntary they are mandatory.
Fred Jacobsen February 21, 2013 at 05:25 AM
Part 1 of 3: Grant, you asked the same question back in December and received the following answer: “you’re on the Planning Commission and know that the Park Board and Planning Commission worked on and recommended approval of the Parks Element to the Comprehensive Plan for the City during 2011. The City Council approved it before year end 2011, so this is our guide to what’s needed out to 2025 and beyond.” May I suggest that you take some time to read it. You also know how city processes work and know that it’s difficult to identify how much something is going to cost before you have finalized, or prioritized the list of projects, or put it out for bid. If it were up to me we would start with trails. If it’s up to others in the city it will start with ball fields, and others still would opt for a community center or YMCA. It will be up to each of us to lobby the Park Board, once the MPD has been approved to identify the list of projects that will be worked on and the timing of that project list. You make the comment “there's been no public accounting for where the money will go” per the RCW all monies taken in by the MPD will be used for Parks, their development, their operations and maintenance only.
Fred Jacobsen February 21, 2013 at 05:26 AM
Part 2 of 3: Even when the MPD is approved on April 23, 2013, taxes will not start until 2014. So after approval I have to assume the Park Board will use the list of projects identified in the Parks Element of the Comprehensive plan, identify a budget, select a form of financing during their open public meetings. So if it’s that other dog park you’re after you’ll have to lobby for it, just like all of the rest of us will have to lobby for our preference. We all have to realize that we won’t get everything at once. We are looking at a long term plan in order to get the things the Park Element of the Comprehensive Plan lists.
Fred Jacobsen February 21, 2013 at 05:28 AM
Part 3 of 3: Creation of this Metropolitan Park District (MPD) will create a long term funding mechanism for development along with continued operations and maintenance. How that money will be spent depends on the decisions made by the board of the MPD, which will initially consist of our current City Council members. They know the requirements outlined in the Comprehensive Plan and would be expected to achieve some of the things that residents have been requesting for the past 8 years. This may include trails on already owned land adjacent to Fennel Creek, park design and development in the undeveloped 47 acre Midtown park, or ball fields on some other city owned property. Once the MPD has been approved and the MPD board is operational, it will be up to residents like us to help remind them what we’ve previously identified in survey’s, the Comprehensive Plan, at Council meetings and the Park Summit meetings as to what we would like to have built. I would expect that the public will continue to be involved in letting the commissioners of the MPD know what their priorities may be. In case you’d like additional information I’m providing the following link to: • City of Bonney Lake Metropolitan Park District information: - http://www.ci.bonney-lake.wa.us/section_government/park_district.shtml
terry reid February 21, 2013 at 11:31 PM
“Where we live, learn, work, and play can have a greater impact on how long and how well we live than medical care.” I recently came across this claim and it caused me to think about the importance of Bonney Lake’s Metropolitan Park District (MPD) measure in an entirely new way. Easy and ready access to parks, trails and recreation facilities make a real difference in the level of physical activity for all age groups. A recent study focused on what types of things make communities more conducive to physically active. For adults, it’s all about having good places to walk. Nearly 60% of active adults are walkers. The single factor most likely to influence them was if there were safe and pleasant places for walking. For kids it is about play and whether their immediate neighborhood had playgrounds and sports fields. This research offers a lesson for us. Our 17,000 residents currently have about 52 acres of developed park lands and zero miles of trails. According to the National Recreation and Parks Association, a city our size should have at least 134 more acres of developed parks and 6.2 miles of trails to adequately serve our population. Obviously, we have some catching up to do. A YES vote for an MPD is a big step towards making Bonney Lake a healthier and more attractive place to live. It is also an investment that will pay-off in the form of better health and fewer medical bills down the road.
Scott W. Anderson February 22, 2013 at 12:00 AM
James - have you read the latest edition of the Bonney Lake Courier Herald? In the middle of the paper there is a section by the City called the Bonney Lake Reporter. In there it clearly states how the Park District would opperate. "City staff would provide support services to the District (finance, accounting, legal, etc.). This would achieve efficiencies and an economy of scale, rather than duplicating these services with separate District Staff." So you see, just because you believe something to be true, "increased size of government", does not mean that it is a fact. In regards to not paying taxes...Well unfortunately you live here in the US and we are expected to support each other through our taxes. This is how we are able to live in this wonderful democracy. I would certainly hope that if you or Mr. Bennett so choose not to pay your taxes that law enforcement would come and take you away. From the way you phrased your comment it makes me believe that you have some first hand experience with not having paid your taxes. You know the risks. I suggest reading this weeks Bonney Lake Reporter. It provides substantive facts. http://www.ci.bonney-lake.wa.us/UserFiles/File/Newsletter/2013/2013-02%20February.pdf After that feel free to vist Blparks.org or www.yesmpd.com to learn more about the Metropolitan Park District.
James K McClimans Sr February 22, 2013 at 05:00 AM
Than you Mr Anderson, I had already read the Bonney Lake Reporter, in the Courier Herald. That is not a plan, it is a possibility. I have also recently read the text of the measure that will be placed on the ballot. There is no mention of any plan. Here is what is going to happen if the MPD passes: The current city council will run it but now they will be able spend more money, what their priorities are will depend on who is on the council and will change as the council changes. Historically this results in a bureaucracy that promotes own well being and eventually most of the money is spent on employees. BTW, after the MPD is passed we have same council setting the agenda, and the same employees providing the finance, accounting, legal, etc.. work then why do I need the MPD? Its about building a bigger government not a about parks. If parks were important the council could move to post a bond and build the ball fields and trails, and maybe even have enough to get started on a recreation center. The council does not need voters to approve that. The council won't do that because it would lower the cities credit rating. I am voting NO on the MPD and then going to encourage the Council to build what make sense in a responsible way. Not force my neighbors to pay for parks they don't want and may never use.
James K McClimans Sr February 22, 2013 at 05:07 AM
I love Bonney Lake, and I love living here because I love to recreate outside. I love to run and bicycle, and walk. The beautiful thing about our small town is that is small, and that I can do all of those things on the streets and sidewalks. As a matter of fact I don't think a day passes when I don't see one of my neighbors walking, running or biking in the neighborhood. I know with my schedule I prefer running in my neighborhood and try to avoid driving to a park just to be active. While once in a while I will frequent the park my most enjoyable time is that 30-40 minute walk or run with my wife around our neighborhood. In Bonney lake I don't think many people are going to get in the cars to drive to a park to be active. They will walk to the neighborhood park or just around the neighborhood.
Scott W. Anderson February 22, 2013 at 10:25 PM
James - There is a constant theme with you commentary. The persistent attempt to present your opinions as facts and ignoring answers to your questions when they don't support your opinions. It's starting to get old. You keep coming back to this lack of a "plan" when in fact there is a plan. It has been stated over and over again yet you like to over look it. Similar theme to your question on why do we need an MPD and not just go for a bond. Again you have asked this question on countless posts and it has been answered in numerous ways. I suggest that maybe you visit the Pro committies facebook page https://www.facebook.com/blparks.org?ref=hl or one of their two web sites www.yesmpd.com or www.Blparks.org. The facts are presented without the rhetoric. Lastly, sorry to say James you live in a Democracy where the majority rule. If the MPD fails then the people have spoken and you won't need to worry. If it passes then again the people have spoken and you can decide from there what your next move is. By the way - You pay for public schools whether you want to or not. I'd hazard to say you don't use those any longer either. Where do you fall on supporting schools?
James K McClimans Sr February 24, 2013 at 08:24 PM
I am stuck because I have personally contacted the mayor and council members and ask them for the plan and they can't give one. They correctly state that nothing can be guaranteed until the MPD passes, the board is approved and the board decides what to do. That is not a plan it's politics. A bond on the other hand would be committed for the specific purpose that it was voted upon by our democracy. I would know specifically what the bond was for: to build a community center or ballfield or trail. I would also know the tax would only be for the term of the bond and not indefinite. And I'm guaranteed that a different board with different priorities wouldn't spend my money in a different way. You see when I look for a plan I want to know exactly what is going to happen not what could happen depending on elected officials decision in the future. People should know that all they are voting for is to establish a board (that will be the city Council) who will then decide how to spend the new tax money they're receiving. At that point the people are not deciding how to spend the money the council is, and that is when it is no longer a democracy but a republic.
MB March 01, 2013 at 04:07 AM
James - you and the rest of your extended family - the leading opponents to the formation of an MPD here in Bonney Lake must be having a an extreme pitty party tonight. The Washington State Supreme Court strikes down two-thirds majority requiremen​t to pass tax increases. Now what? there goes one of your chief points against the MPD as it only needed a simply majority to pass. http://mynorthwest.com/11/2214185/WA-Supreme-Court-strikes-down-twothirds-requirement While I'm here I thought I might throw a bit more out there for everyone by posting this recent post from the Huffington Post "Blaming the Tea Party-Controlled GOP for Sequestration Isn't Partisan, It's Factual". A very interesting read. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mitchell-bard/government-sequester_b_2755648.html?utm_hp_ref=email_share


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