The Value of X... Better off than we COULD have been?

It's time to shift the tense of the questions we ask ourselves...

I think differently than most. I keep hearing the question “are we better off than we were 4 years ago?” It’s technically a hypothetical question… the question should be “are we better off than we COULD be."

It’s tough to answer a question in a lineal fashion when there were technically two roads that we could have followed. “Are we better off now than we would be under a McCain / Palin administration?” is another question. Sure, unemployment isn’t as low as we’d like, BUT, is it possible that it’s lower than it COULD have been had we not bailed out the Auto and Banking industries.

It’s hard to quantify where we’re at without knowing where we COULD be. That unknown X value could make us look prosperous and stable, or it could make look out of control and on a downward spiral. It’s never really going to be known and because of that, the answers are all relative. Are we better off? Stock market is higher than it’s been since 2007, housing prices are stable, unemployment is the lowest it’s been since Feb. 09’, Bin Laden is dead along with many of the top leaders of Al Qaeda. The war in Iraq has ended and soon too will Afghanistan. Gays are now able to serve openly and proudly in our Military and 30 million people who were un or under insured are now able to receive the health care they need, along with all those who had pre-existing conditions who couldn’t get insurance before.

So, yes, I believe we’re better off than we COULD be.  Keep this in mind when you head to the polls tomorrow!  Cheers and Happy Voting!

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