Letter to the Editor: Bonney Lake's Albertsons is Much More Than a Grocery Store

Bonney Lake resident Erin Markquart expresses her sadness at the closure of Bonney Lake's Albertsons and the impact it will have on her family and the community.

As a resident of Bonney Lake, I am a deeply saddened by the decision to close our Bonney Lake Albertsons store.

While we will certainly miss the convenience of having a grocery store down the road from our home, our family mourns the loss of the relationships that have been formed over the last seven or so years that we have shopped there.

For years, Albertsons has been our go-to place for meals, snacks, birthday cakes, party decorations, beverages, Seahawks gameday food, holiday feasts, medications and morning coffee stops. It is easy to see how the role that the people at Albertsons have played in my family’s life over the years. The Bakery has provided many birthday cakes for my children’s parties, we have honored births and other special occasions with balloons and flowers from the flower shop, the Pharmacist helps us care for our family when we are not well, our sons love to buy chicken from the deli, and what would my morning be without my latte from Sharon?

Certainly there are other grocery stores that can provide for our everyday needs, but the employees at Albertsons make it personal. They have watched my children grow and greet them by name at the store. Albertsons, and the people who work there have served an important role in our daily lives, as well as in our community. Tim Brown, the store director, has been a big supporter of local schools and the store has provided many wonderful field trip opportunities for children over the years.

Words can’t express the void we feel upon hearing of the store’s closure. Selfishly, I will miss the convenience the store provided on countless number of occasions, but more than that I am concerned for the wonderful people who work there. We wish them well in the future and they will be greatly missed by many in our community.


Erin Markquart

Bonney Lake


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Pam Knowles September 22, 2012 at 03:09 AM
I so agree with Erin. I will truly miss my friends at Albertson's and wish them all well. Pam
Monica Taylor September 23, 2012 at 05:05 AM
I love everything about our Albertsons, the people, the produce, the selection, the parking and location...I don't want to shop anywhere else.


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