Audio: Sumner Police Shares When Not to Call 911

Citizen reporting and input regarding public safety is always welcome, but where do you cross the line? Sumner Police Chief Brad Moericke shares this example of when not to call 911.

A recent series of posts by our sister site in Redmond about when to call and when not to call 911 reminded us of Sumner Police Chief Brad Moericke's presentation during Sumner University a few weeks ago and a specific example he shared of when not to call the emergency number.

It was such a great audio clip that we asked Moericke if we could share it with Patch readers, and he generously agreed.

Accompanying this story file is a recording of an actual conversation a Sumner 911 operator had with a citizen in 2009 (prior to the emergency dispatch merger with Puyallup in 2011) who was reporting her emergency: her TV wasn't working.



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