Bonney Lake Police Blotter: Threat Over Frog, Heroin And Brass Knuckles, Stealing Teacher's Keys, Biting Stepdad, 69 DVDs Stolen ...

The following arrest information from June 7, 2012 to June 20, 2012 has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.



Officers responded to a report that a student was given a death threat by another student at Mountain View Middle School. The student reportedly was mad for hitting a frog at him earlier in the week. Officers did a safety check of the student’s backpack and found what the boy called a “shank,” broken scissors that were never displayed or used during the threat. The suspect was expelled by the school.

JUNE 12 


Police responded to Wal-Mart, where a loss prevention officer said a female shoplifter suspect was giving false names. The woman reportedly put cosmetics and other items into her purse. The value of the items was $248.44. The suspect said she was homeless and had no money. She became argumentative and continued to give false names. Her fingerprints were matched. There were felony warrants out for escape. She was arrested and booked into the Pierce County Jail.


Officers were dispatched to the JB Mini Mart after a man dropped a syringe containing a brownish colored liquid. Upon arrival, the officer found the substance to be consistent with heroin. Officers stopped the vehicle in the 8900 block of Main St. E. A suspect started reaching for his waist band under his coast, so police drew their guns. He was told to raise his hands and exit the vehicle. When he did police saw a greenish vegetable matter in a container that appeared to be marijuana. He was put in handcuffs and when he was patted down an exacto knife was found. The man denied the syringe was his and said the pot was for medical reasons. Other officers were talking to a passenger in the vehicle, a woman, and they found brass knuckles. She said there were more syringes, heroin and methamphetamine in the vehicle. The man was transported to the Enumclaw Jail. The woman was allowed to leave with a small dog.



Officers responded to Bonney Lake High School after reports that a ninth-grader had stolen keys from a teacher in March. At first the boy admitted to stealing the keys to “show off” and improve his “rep” but then he denied stealing the keys. Later he said he wanted to get back at the teacher because he did not like her. The boy said he threw the keys away at Mountain View Middle School. He was expelled. When his mother came to pick him up, she brought the keys. She said she found them in their house but didn’t know where they came from. The suspect was released to his mom, and third-degree theft charges were recommended to the juvenile prosecutor.


Police responded to the Wal-Mart after the report of a theft of liquor. Police stopped a 15-year-old for third-degree theft and minor in possession. She reportedly had taken a green bottle of Jagermeister from the store, along with a can of Raspberry Ice Tea. She was released to her father.



Police responded to a juvenile problem in the 8300 block of 185th Ave. E. Dispatch stated the daughter jumped out of a vehicle, and the mother was screaming and yelling profanities. The husband was chasing the daughter on foot. The husband was back in the woods holding his stepdaughter down so the daughter could not run again. The girl was argumentative with police and placed in handcuffs. The stepfather said the girl had a new boyfriend they did not know about and was disobeying her parents. She bit her stepfather’s wrist in an attempt to get away. The girl was arrested for fourth-degree assault and booked into Remann Hall.



Police responded to the 6100 block of 207th Ave. E. The homeowner said while he was gone a 40-inch Sony BRAVIA HDTV was stolen from his living room. He also said a 1500 WATT Honda generator was stolen from his unsecured car port.



Officers responded to Bonney Lake High School after security there was notified by a teacher that a student was missing from class and believed to be off campus smoking marijuana. The student returned and the security officer took him to the health room. The student pulled a plastic baggie containing marijuana out of his pocket and handed it over. The security officer advised police that the student was no longer at the school and that he had already been picked up by his mother, pending suspension.



Police responded to the 9100 block of 184th Ave. E. for reported threats. The mother said a woman drove by their residence and threatened to assault her daughter, who had been receiving threatening text messages all day. The dispute was over helping a friend move out of her ex-boyfriend’s residence. They all used to be friends.



Police responded to Target in the 9400 block of 192nd Ave. E. after the report of a theft. An Asset Protection employee had two women in custody. The women had been in the store two days earlier and took several of the same items. The women said it was easy to steal the items, and they needed to pay rent. On the first day one woman took 28 DVDs and two pieces of swimwear. On the second day she took 11 DVDs and a dress. On the first day the other woman took 22 DVDs and a swimwear item. On day two she took eight DVDs, two undergarments and a swimwear item. The women were banned from all Targets for two years and issued criminal citations.


Police responded to the 7600 block of Myers Rd. E. after a vehicle prowl was reported. The victim said a nice couple out for a walk saw some items on the side of the road, which were the contents from her wallet. The only thing missing was the “girly, pink wallet with hearts on it.”

wendy gibson June 25, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Maybe Bonney lake should have a curfew like sumner. Maybe this would stop some of the crime if they had to atone for their actions if they broke the curfew.
John Doe June 26, 2012 at 05:17 AM
I don't want to sound petty or come off as all righteous, but WOW, can the aspiring journalists/writers of this Bonney Lake-Sumner Patch please try and write stories without so many grammatical errors...please? It's painful to read these stories with such glaring English and grammar errors.


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