Bonney Lake Police Blotter: Admitted Kleptomaniac Hits Target, Juvenile Runaway Hides in Swamp

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

APRIL 13, 2012


A resident called BLPD to report that the motor had been stolen off his boat, which was parked in his driveway. The motor had a lock on it and was so heavy it must have been lifted off by at least two people.

The motor was valued at $3,000.


An officer noticed a vehicle traveling eastbound on Old Buckley Highway from SR 410 with a large crack in the windshield, directly in the driver’s line of sight.

The driver of the car did not have any ID or a drivers’ license and said he was in the process of purchasing the vehicle from a friend, so he didn’t have any registration or proof of insurance.

He said he didn’t know his Social Security number or drivers’ license number. He appeared very nervous to the officer, who took him as being dishonest and called for backup.

A records check on the name the driver provided came back with a suspended license, but police believed he was still being dishonest so the man was arrested and searched to identify who he was.

There was a pill bottle in his jacket pocket that was full of marijuana. Police also found two smoking pipes and a scale. There were two glass vials in his pocket that the driver said contained “honey oil.” He told the officer that he mixed the oil in his marijuana to have an increased high and used the dropper to put the oil underneath his tongue.

The driver told police it was “no big deal” he had the drugs on him because he carried a medicinal marijuana card, but he was unable to provide it to police.

The man was placed in the backseat of the police car and told that a photo of him had been located and he lied about who he was. The driver lowered his head and admitted he gave police his brother’s name. The man gave his true identity and he had a suspended license and Bonney Lake bench warrant out for his arrest. He was also arrested for driving with a suspended license, failure to provide information, illegal possession of marijuana and illegal possession of drug paraphernalia.

A female passenger in the car also had a bench warrant and she was arrested.

Later that day, Cascade Towing called BLPD to tell them that additional marijuana was found in the car. They gave police a backpack recovered from the vehicle that had a large amount of marijuana in it, drug paraphernalia, possible burglary tools and a video camera. There were no identifiers to the backpack’s owner, and the man had told police “anything you find in the car in the backpack is not mine. It belongs to a friend.”

Police were unable to identify the owner of the backpack and couldn’t make out anyone identifiable on the video tape. The officer requested that charges be filed against the driver.

APRIL 14, 2012


Police were dispatched to Allan Yorke Park for a juvenile problem. Dispatch advised that a man was in the park attempting to take custody of his son, who was registered as a runaway.

The man told police that before they arrived, his son fled into the woods with his girlfriend, also underage. Police and the man went into the woods to search for the boy and didn’t locate them.

Several hours later, the man called police again to say he was with his son and needed police help.

Police contacted the man, who was with his son, his son’s girlfriend and her mom and grandmother in the park ball fields. Everyone was upset and the kids had dirt on their clothing. The dad had redness and swelling on his cheek.

The father said he found the two teens hiding in a swampy area of the woods. He said he ran after them and tackled his son to the ground and told him he needed to come home. The teen kicked and hit his father, and his girlfriend did the same. Then, the girl’s mother and grandmother showed up and her mother punched him in his cheek. Shortly after, all parties agreed to walk out and call police.

The teenage boy told police he didn’t feel that his father assaulted him but there had been abuse in the past. The girl’s grandmother told police that when they arrived in the woods, they found the boy’s father on top of him and the girl. They told him to get off and when he initially didn’t listen, the girl’s mother hit him.

All involved agreed that it was a family issue and they didn’t want to press charges.

APRIL 15, 2012


An officer observed a subject walking into a ditch on the 19300 block of Bonney Lake Blvd. The 26 year-old man was looking around on the ground like he lost something. He said he didn’t have any identification and that he had a warrant out of Bonney Lake but that he was “taking care of it.” He was placed under arrest after his warrant was confirmed.

APRIL 18, 2012


An officer was dispatched to Target for a report of theft. A 53 year-old woman, who was a known shoplifter at stores in Renton, Tukwila and Kent and had hit the Bonney Lake location three times before.

The woman was spotted by theft prevention and followed around the store, where they watched her conceal several items in a large purse. She stole clothes and flashlights and removed packaging with a knife.

She went to the register and made a small purchase of dog bones and milk, then left the store where she was approached.

She told police she had stolen from Target locations about 30 different times in the last 18 months. She admitted to being a ‘kleptomaniac’ and said she “couldn’t help herself.” She was cited for theft and trespassed from all Target locations for the next five years.


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