Bonney Lake Police Blotter: Stolen Identities Found in Wendy's Bathroom, Car Window Smashed at Bonney Lake High and More

The following information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

MAY 3, 2012


Officers responded to Bonney Lake High School for a harassment report. The man said he was at a track meet when an unknown male, whom he believed to be associated with his ex-wife, started cussing and yelling at him. Both the caller and his wife had mutual restraining orders against each other through Pierce County.

While police were interviewing the man, the other man approached them. He told police that he knew the man’s ex-wife through their kids at BLHS but he didn’t know who her ex-husband was, until he bumped into them at the track meet that day. The man said that the reporting party asked how he knew his ex-wife, then called her several vulgar names. The man said he wasn’t trying to start a fight and tried to walk away, but the man was forceful and blocked the door entrance.

The caller insisted that the other man pushed him and demanded to press charges, although he wasn’t injured in any way. The officer told him that he appeared to be jealous, but the man denied it. He then said he wouldn’t press charges if the other man apologized, but the officer said he would not play "counselor" between the two. The policeman noticed the caller glare at his wife and the other man, who were both standing nearby.

Both the caller and his ex-wife were cited with violation of their no-contact orders and the caller was cited with harassment. Police determined there was no evidence or witness to support the assault.

MAY 4, 2012


An officer was sitting in a parking lot off SR 410 when he noticed a white vehicle traveling westbound in the 19200 block of SR 410 E with an Enumclaw Police vehicle traveling behind it. The Enumclaw officer flagged down the Bonney Lake officer to indicate that he was pulling the car over, and a maroon truck pulled over behind them.

The officer said that the driver of the maroon pickup had witnessed the white vehicle cross the white fog line several times as it drove through Buckley. He was on his way home, so he followed the vehicle until police could pull it over.

The 47-year-old female driver smelled like alcohol and said she was on her way home to Tacoma from the Muckleshoot Casino.

She failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. She admitted to drinking one beer and taking a Percocet. Her blood-alcohol level was almost double the legal limit.

MAY 5, 2012


An employee from Wendy’s called police to report that she had found an envelope containing several different pieces of identification in the men’s bathroom. The envelope was found in a stall's paper toilet seat cover dispenser.

The envelope contained personal information for 11 different people, including bank statements, credit card numbers, child support statements and even a disabled vehicle placard. Also included in the documents were prepaid credit cards and a room key for the Silver Cloud Inn in Mukilteo.


A woman called police to report a theft from her car while it was parked at Bonney Lake High School.

The front drivers’ side vehicle had been smashed and her purse was missing, including keys to her home. She had several credit cards in it that she cancelled.

MAY 7, 2012


An officer was on patrol in Bonney Lake when he stopped next to a car at a stoplight. The male driver was smoking a cigarette and when the traffic signal turned green, the man threw it out of his window. The cigarette struck the pavement directly in front of the officer’s car.

The driver told the officer he didn’t throw the whole cigarette out, just the lit portion. The officer reminded him that the lit part was the part that can catch on fire. The man had a suspended license for unpaid parking tickets. He was cited with driving with a suspended license and given a verbal warning not to litter. He had to leave his vehicle on the side of the road and get another ride home.


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