Bonney Lake Police Blotter: Woman Sprays Boyfriend With Mace, Stolen Tires and More

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

APRIL 17, 2012


An officer was dispatched to Bonney Lake Auto Parts on a report of employee theft. The business owner told police that an ex-employee steals from the business all the time and has lost his business thousands of dollars. He said that missing inventory has been consistently documented on days that the man works and the till was short when he worked by himself.

The business owner couldn’t prove he had been stealing until he noticed him delete a transaction from a customer that he completed earlier in the day. The man confronted his employee and he didn’t deny it – he just hung his head down and said he was sorry. He was fired, and it was only after then that the manager realized that the man ordered a special battery for himself using his employee discount, took the battery and didn’t pay for it.

Police went to the man’s house and found him installing the battery into a Chrysler in his backyard. He told police that he ordered the battery with his employee discount and that he simply forgot to pay for it, and didn’t remember that until installing it that day. He was very upset his old boss was accusing him of theft and said he wanted to sue him for defamation of character.

He showed police the Interstate Battery on his car, which still had the wrapping plastic on it. He returned it to police and was cited with theft. The battery was returned to Bonney Lake Auto Parts.

APRIL 22, 2012


Police were dispatched to a residence on 197th Ave. E. in response to a man throwing a rock through his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom window.

A man who lives across the street was mowing his front lawn, when he observed a black Chevy slowly pass his neighbor’s house like he was “casing” it. The man had seen the Blazer parked outside the residence numerous times and recognized him to be the boyfriend of his neighbor’s 20 year-old niece. He saw the man park his vehicle down the street and walk over to the house, with something hiding in his hand. He dropped the rock he was holding and picked up another one from the side of the driveway. The neighbor said their dog started barking at him, which spooked him and he walked away. The man left in his car at a high rate of speed. Then, he heard a rock smashing glass and the sound of thumping on wood.

The homeowner said that her niece had broken up with the man last week and their breakup was “hostile.” She said that he left an angry message calling her names. She said her son called the man and told him not to return to the house again, and he started cussing at him on the phone and said he was coming over. She said they were in the backyard when they heard a loud noise hit their house and found the niece’s window was broken.

Police made contact with the man by phone, and he admitted to coming to the house but said he knocked on the door and no one answered, so he left he denied throwing a rock through the window. Police recommended the case be forwarded to the prosecutor for charges.


A man called police and told them his girlfriend sprayed him with mace at his home on 65th St. E. Police arrived and noticed his face was flushed and his eyes were watery. He also appeared drunk. He declined medical aide, saying he had been in the Army and experienced worse.

He told police he had been dating the woman for 17 years and she only stays with him every once in a while. He said that he was standing in the garage and she approached him and sprayed him in the face with mace for no reason. Police asked him if they had been arguing before and he said no, that he had absolutely no idea why she did that.

Police talked to the woman, who also appeared drunk. They asked her why she sprayed him and she replied, “He made me mad and told me to get out.”

Police asked the man for a written statement and he declined, saying he didn’t want her to go to jail. Police advised he didn’t have a choice in the matter – she was arrested for domestic violence and was issued a no-contact order.

APRIL 24, 2012


Police responded to Les Schwab for a report of stolen tires. Four tires had been stolen during business hours from underneath an awning. Video surveillance showed a van pulled in behind the building near the awning and a man jumped out and loaded the tires into the car before quickly leaving the scene. Police were unable to identify the license plate and there are no suspects at this time.  


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