Bonney Lake Police Reports: Car Prowlers Steal Hidden Christmas Presents, Firearm Discharge and More

The following arrest and crime information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

DEC. 5, 2012

Car Prowl: A man reported that he was getting ready to leave for work when he noticed the doors on his neighbor’s truck, parked on 99th St. Ct., were wide open and it was unattended. The vehicle—a company work truck—had been prowled and several tools were stolen. There were also a number of Christmas presents in the car that he was hiding there from his wife and children.

DEC. 6, 2012

Car Prowl: Two vehicles were parked in the Lowes parking lot and an officer on regular patrol noticed that there was a large amount of glass on the ground between the two. The engine of one had been tampered with and the glove box rummaged through. The other car’s battery was stolen and several items were missing.

Accidental Discharge of a Firearm: A man reported to police that he accidentally discharged his gun when he was putting it away and a bullet went through his apartment wall into the residence next door. His neighbors were at work and the bullet was stuck in the wall between the two apartments, located on 193rd Ave. E. The residents on the other side of the wall were notified and police filed the gun into evidence. Charges against the man for discharge of a firearm were forward to the Bonney Lake Prosecutor.

Accidental Discharge of a Firearm: A man reported that his estranged wife had accidentally discharged a firearm in his home on 80th St. Ct. E. He said they had been separated and he had just informed her he wanted a divorce, when she went into his bedroom, pulled out a gun and discharged it. He took the gun from her, unloaded it and tried to get her to talk but she was very upset and made him think she wanted to harm herself. Police contacted her and she said she was not suicidal, but was sad about the impending divorce. Officers met up with her in person to verify that she wouldn’t harm herself or others and the weapon was filed into evidence for potential charges of discharging a firearm.

DEC. 7, 2012

Fight: A man standing outside of the Babalouie’s Bar flagged down an officer and said that a man allegedly knocked a woman off a bar stool and had fled the scene. He was confronted in the parking lot and displayed a gun to the witness. Officers initiated a high-risk stop in the bar parking lot and detained a man with no incident and there where no firearms found. The suspect’s girlfriend approached police and said that she had splashed a beer on him and then tripped on her bar stool as she tried to walk away. She was then swarmed by a group of men in the parking lot, who then confronted her boyfriend. Police believe the suspect was acting in self-defense when he retaliated and threatened the large group of men. There was no evidence of a crime, but the man was trespassed from Babalouie’s for 30 days.

DEC. 8, 2012

Domestic Harassment, Assault: A man was arrested for breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home and confronting her in her bedroom, while she was in bed with her new boyfriend. He told police he was just there to pick up his dogs, like he does on the weekends and saw a strange car in the driveway. He through she had another man over and that upset him. When no one answered his knock on the door, he climbed through the bedroom window and confronted her inside the house, attempting to fight the couple. He admitted he knew better and turned himself into police custody, and was booked on charges of burglary, assault, felony harassment and assault. A restraining order was placed against him.

Residential Burglary: Police responded to a residence on the 10000 block of Springwood Drive E. for a burglary report. The homeowner said he had returned home and his wife saw an unknown person standing in their living room. There were pry marks on a window, which was opened, and several drawers appeared to have been rifled through, with jewelry stolen.

Stolen Property: A homeowner reported the theft of an ATV and two mountain bikes from his residence on 203rd Ave. E.

DEC. 9, 2012

DUI: A woman was stopped at a red light on SR 410 and 208th Ave. E. when a truck rear ended her. The two cars pulled into a nearby parking lot and at that point, the male driver became aggressive about asking her to not call police. She called police and they noticed the man smelled like intoxicants. He was arrested for DUI. 

Car Prowl: Tools were stolen from a parked car on 109th St. Ct. E.

DEC. 10, 2012

Found Property: Police arrived at Pistol Annie’s Pawn Shop for a report of found property. The store owner turned over a shotgun barrel that a customer had left with her, after she told him she couldn’t buy it from him because it was an illegal length. The gun owner left before she could obtain his information. Police took possession of the shotgun barrel and filed it under ‘Found Property.’

DEC. 11, 2012

Car Prowl: Several work tools were stolen from a van parked in front of a residence on 181st Ave. E.

Car Prowl: A car was prowled while parked outside the Rainier Boardshop. 


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