Bonney Lake Police Reports: Fights and Pot Smoking at Allan Yorke Park, Car Fire and More

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Bonney Lake Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

JULY 10, 2012

  • An officer working patrol at Allan Yorke Park was flagged down by some residents and told about a fight that was about to happen. The primary aggressor had several misdemeanor warrants from outside jurisdictions and was arrested.
  • An officer on patrol in Allan Yorke Park spotted four men sitting on some logs in the wooded area behind the skate park smoking marijuana. One of them was smoking from the pipe as the officer approached. He was arrested for possession of marijuana. His friends were released after handing over the marijuana and other smoking devices because they were cooperative with police and not initially witnessed with drugs or paraphernalia. 
  • A woman reported that an unknown person withdrew $400 from her debit card account. She said she used the card at Sonic Restaurant and thought she left it there accidentally. The next day, she found her debit card lying at the end of her driveway. Police viewed surveillance footage from the bank and the woman identified the man using her debit card as her daughter’s boyfriend. He admitted that he stole her debit card and used the cash to make some car repairs, buy clothing and other personal items. He then threw the card in the woman’s driveway. He knew her pin because she had lent him her card before. He expressed regret and admitted, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

JULY 11, 2012

  • An officer noticed a car parked on the side of Bonney Lake Boulevard E near the Allan Yorke Park overflow parking lot with its hazard lights flashing. Police approached the car to see if the driver needed help. The officer immediately smelled unburned marijuana and the teen driver admitted he purchased it earlier that day and then his car ran out of gas. Police called his mom and charges were filed against him for marijuana possession. 

JULY 12, 2012

  • Police responded to SR 410 near Walmart for a report of a car fire. The car was pulling a trailer and blocking a lane of traffic. There was some smoke inside the car but no flames were visible. Witnesses said the female driver took off running on SR 410 saying she was going to go get help to tow it. Fire crews arrived and extinguished the blaze.
  • Police responded to Allan Yorke Park for a fight between two teenagers. One of them had a broken nose but neither wanted to press charges. Witnesses said the other teen was drunk and “kneeing” car doors. When officers attempted to arrest the 19-year-old he complained of stomach pains and was transported to the hospital by medical crews. His blood alcohol level was over double the legal limit and he was trespassed from the park, cited with minor in possession and disorderly conduct/malicious mischief.

JULY 13, 2012

  • The facilities manager for the Lake Jane Estate Pool reported that someone entered the fenced pool area and threw a bunch of patio furniture and lawn equipment into the water. The damage and cleanup would cost about $500.

JULY 14, 2012

  • A woman was attending an overnight Bible study retreat at the home of a East Pierce Fire and Rescue chaplain when her husband showed up very upset and threatened her and the hosts with a gun. He was intoxicated and had their two young children with him. The woman and others from the event were in the driveway when he pulled out a gun, threatened her and took off.  The woman was getting counseling from the chaplain for ongoing issues with her husband and he was upset she stayed with the Bible group overnight. Police attempted to track down the man but couldn’t apprehend him at that time. The woman stayed at the Bible study with her children and she was given instructions on how to file a restraining order; charges of assault and domestic violence were filed against the man.
  • A woman reported that her family had hosted a garage sale fundraiser for her son at their home and an unknown suspect stole at least $200 from their cash box, as well as $50 from a donation jar. She said her son had gotten up from his post to use the restroom and she believed the money was taken when the cashbox was left unattended.
  • A truck parked at a home construction site on Church Lake Road was broken into and a water meter owned by the City of Bonney Lake and leased by the construction crew was stolen. Firehoses were also stolen from the car.
  • A woman reported that a group of teenagers threw an unknown object at her parked car on Meyers Road and broke the window. She saw the unknown group of kids walking down the street but didn’t know who they were, but heard the glass break and found her car damaged.

JULY 15, 2012

  • A patron at the New Peking Restaurant and Bar reported that a female driver hit his parked car and didn’t stop. He spotted her at the Fred Meyer gas station and took a cell phone photo of her car and license plate. Police visited her at her residence and spotted the car outside. They knocked on the door but she didn’t answer, although it was obvious she was home. The woman called police the next day to report that she thought she might have struck a vehicle in the parking lot. She said it was dark and she didn’t see the car and thought the bump she felt in the collision was her car's transmission. She provided her insurance information for the accident report.
  • Police arrested a man for DUI after an officer spotted him speeding on the 10100 block of 214th Ave. E. He had a ‘blow-and-go’ in his pocket and said he measured his blood-alcohol content before driving and knew he was over the legal limit but drove anyway.

JULY 16, 2012

  • Police responded to a report of fireworks at a home on 95th St. E. Two teens exploded a homemade sparkler bomb the backyard. There was no damages or injuries so the two were given a warning.
  • A suspicious vehicle parked illegally in the roadway on the 7300 block of Vandermark Road was towed and impounded.
  • An unknown suspect cut holes in the drywall of Smoke Town’s back room from an electrical room and an adjoining office space, which is empty. It appeared as though the suspect broke into the empty business and attempted to break into Smoke Town next door but didn’t make it through the drywall. There are no suspects at this time.
  • Three men were spotted smoking marijuana in Allan Yorke Park. One of the men was also arrested for an outstanding warrant. The man holding the marijuana pipe asked police if he could have the pipe back because he got it during a trip to Amsterdam. He was not given his pipe back and it was filed into police evidence.

JULY 17, 2012

  • A resident reported that his bike was stolen out of his shed at his residence on 218th St.

JULY 19, 2012

  • A man was arrested for urinating in public outside Safeway.


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