JBLM Soldier Confesses to String of Indecent Exposure Incidents in Sumner, Puyallup

An active-duty soldier in the US Army has confessed to a string of indecent exposure incidents in Sumner and Puyallup.

Puyallup Police arrested a 21 year-old Puyallup man suspected in in Puyallup and Sumner. He is an active duty soldier in the US Army and stationed at Joint-Base Lewis-McChord.

Police located the man Wednesday night after his fourth incident – he exposed himself to a female jogger yesterday evening when he pulled up next to her in his car near 13th and E. Pioneer. He was found in his car in the Riverside Park Apartments, on the 3000 block of E. Main in Puyallup.

After his arrest, the man confessed to the multiple cases of lewd conduct, according to Puyallup Police. He will face charges of indecent exposure in both Puyallup and Sumner courts.

The first incident in Sumner happened on Feb. 2, when he exposed himself to two teenage girls near Sumner High School. The second occurred in town two days later, on Meade-McCumber Rd. E., between the Latter Day Saints Church and Rainier Park. In both instances, the girls were between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

While the Sumner School District issued a parental advisory due to the proximity to the high school, Chief John Galle doesn't believe the individual targeted teenage girls.

"It seemed to be a crime of opportunity," Galle said.

The man also exposed himself to two women walking on the Riverwalk Trail near Mama’s Stortinis in Puyallup on Jan. 22.

In each instance, he was described as a thin, black male in his early 20s wearing Army fatigues and driving a maroon car.


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