Sumner Police Reports: Drunk Driver Hit and Run, Stolen Van and More

The following crime information has been supplied by the Sumner Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

DEC. 12, 2012

Commercial Burglary: Two businesses were burglarized on the 13000 block of 24th St. E. Officers found the front glass door of the business smashed. The business owner said the cash drawer was missing and there were a few coins scattered around the floor. However, there were other valuable items still in the store that had not been stolen. A neighboring business was also burglarized that night and things were gone through but nothing was missing. 

DEC. 14, 2012

Hit and Run, DUI: An officer was driving southbound in the 6100 block of 160th Ave. E when he observed a vehicle pass by at a high rate of speed with only one functional headlight. There was extensive damage to the car and it seemed like a collision had just occurred. There was paint transfer from another vehicle but the female driver denied being involved in an accident and seemed very confused. As the officer was speaking with her, dispatch advised they just received a hit and run report and the woman's vehicle was identical to the description of the suspect vehicle. A mirror was located at the scene of the accident and was brought to the officer, who found it to be a perfect match on her car. She was arrested for hit and run, DUI and was found to be double the legal limit. The hit and run victims told police that their vehicle was parked outside their residence on 54th St. Ct. E. and they saw the suspect his their vehicle and drive away. 

DEC. 17, 2012

Stolen Van: Officers responded to NAPA Auto Parts on Main St. for a report of a stolen box van. The owner of the building said he rented the large white van so merchandise from the store could be stored there during a remodel. The locked van contained over $20,000 in merchandise. The officer ran the van plates and the car returned as a possibly unreported stolen vehicle from King County. The van had been doused with a sort of oil or chemical and it was empty. The info was forwarded on to the S. King County Auto Theft task force.

DEC. 18, 2012

Drugs at School: A Sumner Middle School officer met with a school counselor, who said she heard from an anonymous student that another student was attempting to sell marijuana at school. She provided the officer with a small wooden box that contained the marijuana and a $1 bill. The officer asked the 12-year-old student if the box was his – he said he took it from his parents’ bedroom yesterday but had been unsuccessful in selling it. The student told the officer he was trying to sell the drugs because he needed money. The boy’s father said he already knew about the marijuana and it wasn’t from their home—the boy had been in trouble a lot lately. 

Attempted Burglary: Police responded to a residence on the 15000 block of 55th St. Ct. E. for an attempted burglary. The homeowner came home to find her front door damaged and the door lock no longer functional. It appeared someone had tried to kick the door in but no items were missing. 


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