Sumner Police Reports: Drunks at the Skate Park, Car Fire and More

The following arrest information has been supplied by the Sumner Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

SEPT. 13, 2012

  • Officers responded to a report of a vehicle fire on Parker Rd., where a Ford F-150 parked at a residence was fully involved in flames. All nearby apartments were evacuated and firefighters extinguished the fire. The car owner suspected arson but also said that he was having problems with his car, and whenever he turned the steering wheel to the right, the horn would sound. No signs of arson were found.

SEPT. 14, 2012

  • Officers were checking cameras at the skate park when the saw an older man sitting around a group of teens drinking beer. Police arrived on scene and found the 35-year-old man, who had a beer can in his hand and attempted to hide it from view. He said he hadn’t given any of the teens alcohol. He was trespassed from the park for 45 days and cited with drinking alcohol in a park.
  • A resident on Valley Ave. reported that someone stole his Toyota SUV from the carport outside his apartment complex. He said the steering wheel did have a club device on it.

SEPT. 15, 2012

  • Officers were dispatched to the skate park for a report of a man urinating in the bushes. He was stumbling around and holding a vodka bottle when police arrived. The 23-year-old at first said he used the nearby port-a-potty, then told the officer, “Dude I’m not going to lie to you” and admitted the truth. He said he was having problems with his ex girlfriend and that’s why he was drunk. The man was cited with possession of and consuming alcohol in the park and urinating in public. Officers disposed of the alcohol.
  • A homeowner reported that two of his rental properties on 160th Ave. E. had been burglarized and items had been taken. Gas cans and some miscellaneous hand tools were stolen.

SEPT. 22, 2012

  • An officer was traveling northbound on 160th Ave E. and observed a black vehicle swerving on the road and crossing the fog line. It also rolled through a stop sign. When pulled over, the driver immediately apologized and said he was texting his brother, which must have caused his vehicle to swerve. While talking to him, the officer smelled intoxicants from the vehicle. The man was arrested for DUI.
CoreyAnn September 28, 2012 at 05:55 AM
The Sumner Police Department's handling of the illegal things that go on over at the Sumner Skate Park is just deplorable. We lived across the street from it for a little less than 6 months and couldn't take the crime. I saw elementary to high school aged children who sat at the park rather than go to school. I watched children who lived over at Elm Valley Apartments (ages 6 & 9) do drugs often there while their mom was pretty much strung out. I had the windows of my car shot out. I had my garage broken into and items stolen. I had brass knuckles pulled on me while in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy (when the cop arrived he just told the kids to get off my lawn and didn't want to pursue patting the thug down for the DEADLY WEAPON). Often the police would just "run the kids off" rather than actually contain, arrest, or work on prosecuting these kids. There were drug deals, some gang members, and lots of other illegal activity. Think I'm exaggerating but the problem was so bad that we were interviewed by the tv news about the shootings and our family was on the front page of the Tacoma News Tribune because crime statistics had shown that there was more illegal activity at that skate park than any other in all of Pierce County. Luckily we were just living there temporarily between home sale/purchases! That area of town is just ignored by the police department because of the poor & transient nature of its residents. I couldn't be paid to live in that part of Sumner again!


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