WSP Stopped More Than 114,000 Drivers in 2012

According to the Washington State Patrol, it has seen a 13 percent decrease in total collisions from 2011.

On Tuesday, the Washington State Patrol released its 2012 Report Card for District 1, which serves Thurston and Pierce Counties.

In 2012, the WSP has seen a 13 percent decrease in total collisions from 2011.

“We truly believe our efforts on the road enforcing collision causing violations directly contributed to the reduction,” said District 1 spokesman Trooper Guy Gill. “Keeping our roads safe is a huge job. Washington State Patrol troopers will continue working hard to keep citizens safe and to earn their trust and confidence.”

Here’s a breakdown of the arrests and traffic stops made in the past year.

  • Impaired Drivers (DUI’S): Troopers removed 3,830 drivers from our roadways who were impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. 
  • Speed Violations: Troopers stopped 54,684 speeding drivers, and issued 38,951 tickets.
  • Aggressive Drivers: Troopers stopped 8,584 aggressive drivers who have committed two or more moving violations that are likely to endanger persons or property, or any single intentional violation that requires a defensive reaction by another driver.
  • Calls for Service: Troopers received and responded to 49,188 calls for service where they assisted stranded motorists, removed debris from the roadway, and provided back-up and assistance to other troopers and law enforcement agencies. 
  • Drugs, Stolen Vehicles, Collisions: Troopers made 958 drug arrests, recovered 59 stolen vehicles, and investigated 6,542 collisions.  
  • Total Stops: Troopers stopped and contacted 114,443 drivers.


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