Bonney Lake Residents Get 'Unintended' Sewer Connection Discount with Recent Economic Development Incentives

The Bonney Lake City Council approved a temporary 30 percent reduction in water and sewer system development charges this week to help stimulate growth. The discount applies for homeowners who have not yet connected to the city sewer system.

Bonney Lake property owners who are still on septic systems may be interested in the fact that the 30 percent reduction in sewer system development charges (SDC) for the purpose of stimulating economic development in the city that was approved by Council this week also applies to them.

That means that effective Nov. 22, the charge of $9,099 for a single-family residence to connect to city sewer reduces to $6,571, and the new rate is good for the next year. (The rate may also fluctuate come Jan. 1, 2013 as the city reviews the annual Construction Cost Index, or CCI, said City Administrator Don Morrison.)

In accordance with municipal code (13.12.110), once your septic fails or if your property is sold, connection to the sewer system is mandatory.

Morrison said this week the number of connections has been slow given the high cost of the work. The city doesn't record how many properties remain on septic but the Cedarview neighborhood as among the largest areas where homes have not connected to sewer.

The city's comprehensive sewer system plan reported that in June 2008, there were a total of 5,125 connections to sewer - 5,033 being single-family residential.

The discount likely won't be enough to spur everyone to shell out the money to cover not only the SDC but the additional cost of installing the actual line from the property to the city sewer line, which can vary greatly depending on how far the property is from the line, Morrison said.

However, if your septic tank recently well, 'crapped out,' or you're putting your home up for sale and want to avoid a lien, you can visit the city's building permits website for more information or head to the Permit Center (currently at the Annex).


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