Bonney Lake Seeks Citizen Volunteers to Serve on ‘Pro’ and ‘Con’ Committees for Upcoming Park District Ballot Measure

Join the conversation and help mold the future of parks and open space in Bonney Lake through this special committee opportunity.

From the City of Bonney Lake:

On Dec. 11, the Bonney Lake City Council passed Resolution No. 2258, calling for a special election to be held April 23, 2013 regarding the proposition to create a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) coterminous with the City limits, and governed by the City Council as the ex officio Park District Board.

Read more on the Bonney Lake & Sumner Courier-Herald.

The Bonney Lake City Council has the responsibility for appointing committee members to prepare voters’ pamphlet statements in favor of and in opposition to the ballot measure. Committees will be appointed no later than February 12, 2013.

There is a limit of three official members for each committee. The job of the committee is to write a statement in favor of or in opposition to the ballot measure. The committee is required to submit the statement by March 11, 2013 to Pierce County Elections. Pierce County Elections will then provide the committees with the opposing statements in order to write and submit a rebuttal statement by March 13, 2013. The word limit on the ‘pro’ and ‘con’ statements is 150 words. The word limit on the rebuttal statements is 75 words.

The City will use the regular Application for Membership form to take applications for the Voters’ Pamphlet ‘Pro’ and ‘Con’ Committees. If you apply, write “MPD Pro Committee” or “MPD Con Committee” on the line on the form asking for the name of the board for which you are applying. Also state in the remarks section whether you wish to be appointed to the ‘Pro’ (in favor of the park district) or ‘Con’ (against the park district) committee. In the remarks section, also state whether you want your phone number and email address printed in the Pierce County Voters’ Pamphlet (there is a check box for this on the form the City needs to send to the County).

Application for Membership form as soon as possible. The form is available:

• On the City website at www.citybonneylake.org (Government Tab > Committees, Commissions & Boards > Application for Membership)
• By request from City Clerk Woody Edvalson at edvalsonh@ci.bonney-lake.wa.us, by phone at 253.447.4310, or by mail at P.O. Box 7380, Bonney Lake, WA 98391.

Submit your completed application to the City Clerk by email, in person at City Hall, or by mail to the address listed above.

For more information on the proposed Metropolitan Parks District, visit www.citybonneylake.org/parkdistrict

Are you for or against a Metropolitan Park District in Bonney Lake? Tell us in the comments.


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