No Flooding Expected in Sumner

The most recent rainfall is not likely to cause flooding in Sumner.

While more rain is predicted for the region, it is not likely to cause flooding in Sumner.

Halloween is expected to be rainy, with showers likely every day this week except Friday afternoon, when it should ease up with partly-sunny skies. Read the full forecast from the National Weather Service.

Here's the official note from the City of Sumner:

We do not expect flooding this evening on the Puyallup or White Rivers through Sumner.  The Puyallup River is expected to crest at 19.79 feet tomorrow, well below levels that cause flooding.  On the White River, the Army Corps of Engineers deploys spotters to visually monitor the river if they need to release more than 6,000 CFS from Mud Mountain Dam.  In the past, Sumner does not see flooding on the White until over 7,000 CFS is released. 

Rivers are constantly changing, and the City will continue to work with partners, especially East Pierce Fire & Rescue and the Army Corps of Engineers.  As of what we know now, though, no flooding from rivers is expected from this rainfall. 


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