POLL: Based on Your Age, What Part of the Bonney Lake Parks Plan Matters Most to You?

Bonney Lake wants to know what elements of the Parks Plan matter most to you, based on your age group.

Bonney Lake is a step closer to a Parks Bond next year, thanks in part to the high turnout for the city's first . When over 70 people showed up to talk about the future of parks, it showed city administrators that green spaces is an essential part city's future design, according to its citizens.

Patch asked Mayor Neil Johnson what data would be most revealing to him and other city planners as they work toward developing a bond.

Johnson replied that he would really like to see a poll of what elements of the Parks Plan residents support, based on their age group. As former councilmember Laurie Carter pointed out in her , any Parks Plan would have to serve a majority of the population to be popular enough to pass. According to the census data she cites, almost 50 percent of Bonney Lake's registered voters are 55-years-old and up.

What does that mean for the Parks Plan?

Maybe trails are more popular with a majority of voters. Perhaps ball fields are. Bonney Lake wants to know what the majority of residents want to see.

, almost 300 people have voted thus far for their favorite element of the Parks Plan. City planners are watching our polls and the results could help them gauge what element of the plan comes first.

Read more about the Parks Plan in our three part series:

Please vote in our poll below and let us know where you stand with future park and open spaces development:

Kathleen May 17, 2012 at 10:16 AM
I think it is a mistake to gear the Parks dcision to just one age group. While I am in the "over 55" group and like the trails, I see merit in a community center (not in a YMCA however)...is the community center tied to the YMCA? I believe the best route is to have a mix for all ages....Exactly what I want are some playgrounds for the toddler and elementary groups, ball field with soccer fields (Use to soccer fields for outdoor music concerts in the summer), trails and a community center with events for all ages. Go to Central Park in NYC..it's poularity is it's diversity. I may be over 55, but my children (ages 19 to 35) move in and out of my home and my granddaughter age 4 visits very often...Don't try to appeal to the majority based on age as a criteria...if you do the park will easily be obsolete


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