Reader Question: Why Weren't Sumner's Flags at Half-Mast This Weekend?

The nation is remembering the victims in the Connecticut school shooting by lowering all flags. Many readers asked Patch why Sumner didn't follow suit until early Monday morning.

Flags across the United States are half-mast until tomorrow, as mandated by Pres. Barack Obama after Friday's tragedy in Connecticut.

Sumner, it seems, got the memo a little late.

Patch got many emails over the weekend asking why the city's flags weren't lowered to half-mast out of respect for the victims.

Seems the order came in too late for maintenance staff to get to it before the weekend, according to communications director Carmen Palmer. Patch noticed that by 10 a.m. Monday morning, City Hall's flags had been lowered, but Heritage Park's were still flying high.

Here's her note to us, in response to our question:

Like all of America, we did not foresee or expect this tragedy.  When it happened, our first thought is for the people affected in our city.  Our police officers quickly checked in with the schools and the school district.  By the time those who get the email alerts read the proclamation late in the afternoon, the staff who can lower the flags had gone home for the day.  It’s not just a rope on a string—you need a special key to access the flag.  However, Pat from Shops came in Saturday morning with his key just to lower the flag.  We are very grateful for his generosity of his own time to show the City’s respect.  The Heritage Park flag is also now at half-staff thanks to Tom in Parks responding quickly to the alert of the oversight of the park.


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