Gregoire Says Goodbye—How Would You Rate Her Tenure as Governor?

Gregoire joined outgoing Attorney General Rob McKenna, Secretary of State Sam Reed and Auditor Brian Sonntag to say farewell before a joint legislative session Tuesday morning.

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire appeared before a joint legislative session Tuesday to give her final address as sitting governor.

Gregoire, who will hand over executive control of the state to fellow Democrat Jay Inslee on Wednesday, reflected on the challenges and accomplishments she met during her eight years in office—the second half of which brought great economic struggle to Washington state and the rest of the country.

“History will reflect that this was not just any eight years," Gregoire said. "You were not just any Legislature. And these were not just any times.”

How would you rate Gregoire's time in office? Tell us in the comments section.

Despite economic challenges, the state made several important accomplishments during the past eight years, Gregoire said. She specifically touted the beginning of construction on the new State Route 520 Bridge, a declining statewide crime rate, the closure of three prisons, and the way officials have begun to implement the Affordable Health Care Act.

Another key accomplishment, Gregoire said, was Washington becoming the first state where same-sex couples married after voter approval.

“We made the best decision for our gay and lesbian citizens, and the people of Washington agreed,” she said. “We clearly saw that separate but equal is not equal.”

Gregoire concluded her remarks by urging legislators to act immediately to better fund public education, as mandated by the state's supreme court. Funding for education and transportation infrastructure will be central to Washington's economic recovery and competitiveness in the global marketplace, she said.

“There is no free lunch. We cannot cut our way out of this; we cannot save our way out of this,” Gregoire said. “Today is the day. Now is the time. We must invest in our children and their future.”

Outgoing Attorney General Rob McKenna, Secretary of State Sam Reed and Auditor Brian Sonntag also made remarks before the joint session on Tuesday.

Inslee will be sworn in as governor on Wednesday morning at the capitol rotunda in Olympia. An inaugural speech and inaugural ball will be held later in the day.

Lance Orloff February 01, 2013 at 09:37 PM
We really should be careful here. Last time anyone spoke out effectively against Christine Gargoyle, the State Patrol said they were angry with Dino Rossi supporters for opposing their Witch. State Patrol carries a wide arrangement of guns and weapons they can use when they get angry. I say, out of fear of being angrilly opposed by people with guns and badges, I support his puppetness, Lord Inslee the First. Long live the Corruption. And, cops, please don't trump up charges against me and my family. I give up.
Don February 02, 2013 at 12:52 AM
Lance, good words but don't fear the police. They do work for us and this is not Russia.
Lance Orloff February 02, 2013 at 01:49 AM
I don't fear the police. I work with them regularly. If I truly feared them, would I post such sarcasm? The jistof my tirade was to point out that Christopher Gargolye (aka Christine Gregwar) was able to get the cops to make threats to help her win the election. She turned them into stooges and I am amazed that they allowed her to make them look like mindless dupes. I know that most cops are not the idiots that Christ GregoryWar makes them act like during the elections. But it only takes a couple of spokespersons to make the entire citizenry of Washington State think they are pawns. If I was a cop, I would stand up and oppose this stupidity. Maybe that is why I am not a cop. I read something online once by a child who was tired of all the krap they were dealing with in school: I Pledge Obedience out of Fear of Retaliation To the Masters in DC, Olympia, and University Place And to the Oligarchy, which it Disguises One Tyranny, Under Lucifer, In Perpetuity, With Corruption and Oppression of All. Supposedly, this kid would recite this under their breath during the morning pledge of allegience.
BVorontsov February 02, 2013 at 02:01 AM
She cheated to get into office, then cheated the tax payers. What more can we ask for from a politician?
Michael David Curley March 16, 2013 at 04:46 PM
As British man, and former resident of Seattle, from 1999 to January 2010, lived there long enough to understand the local sway of political life. Travelled to Europe in 2007, with Alan White receiving a coveted Czech Angel Award. Then less than two years later was dragged from home, later beaten twice, refused exit from the state, and spent 99 days in KKJ, under constant light, solitary confinement, and returned back to the UK with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Needless to say during this period her handling of that other high profile murder of a another British Citizen was outstanding for all concerned with exception to the actual facts of life. Some in Olympia stinks....Michael David Curley


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