Vote No on Bonney Lake Park District

-- but if you have no clue read the Mayor Johnson/Council BonneyLake Gazette we get in our driveways -- read about the park and see what you think--

I urge all citizens to vote no on a park district because the council will be in charge of it. The Council of the past and present couldn't take care of the parks with the money the city had -- it's time to get a board for the Park District and let them make the decision-- not the council. The same 7 working for the betterment of the city have allowed this Mayor to spend wildly and w/o justification --It would be better to have 5 board members that only have to deal with the park and not the whole city and a park district. Vote no on this and if you think for 6 seconds that the council won't continue to allow this Mayor or the next one to spend wildly -- you live in a bubble. Quinn Dahlstrom

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Grant Sulham December 30, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Fred what will out tax money buy? So far I've heard of a Frisbee golf course, BMX track, community gardens, permanent dog park, playing fields, Community Center, YMCA, trails, museum and I guess some cultural groups wants in.I note the 'future development' is a long way third in the list. I'd much rather know what I'm buying before I pay good money.
Fred Jacobsen December 31, 2012 at 07:17 PM
This will be a two part answer: Grant, you’re on the Planning Commission and know that the Park Board and Planning Commission worked on and recommended approval of the Parks Element to the Comprehensive Plan for the City during 2011. The City Council approved it before year end 2011, so this is our guide to what’s needed out to 2025 and beyond. Question has always been,” what can we get done with the funds available to us?” As you know from the volunteer work you did on creation and building of the Dog Park, funding has been limited, which is why the Dog Park was built through volunteer labor and donations. Creation of this Metropolitan Park District (MPD) will create a long term funding mechanism for development along with continued operations and maintenance. Where that money will go will be dependent on the board of the MPD which will initially consist of our current City Council members. They know the requirements outlined in the Comprehensive Plan and, for the most part, would like to achieve some of the things that residents have been requesting for the past 8 years. This may include trails on already owned land adjacent to Fennel Creek, park design and development in the undeveloped 47 acre Midtown park, or ball fields on some other city owned property.
Fred Jacobsen December 31, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Part 2: Once the MPD has been approved and the MPD board is operational, it will be up to residents like us to help remind them what we’ve previously identified in survey’s, the Comprehensive Plan, at Council meetings and the Park Summit meetings as to what we would like to have built. I would expect that the public will continue to be involved in letting the commissioners of the MPD know what their priorities may be. In case you’d like additional information I’m providing the following links to: • City of Bonney Lake Metropolitan Park District information: - http://www.ci.bonney-lake.wa.us/section_government/park_district.shtml • Comprehensive Plan approved in 2011: http://www.ci.bonney-lake.wa.us/section_business/community_development/comprehensive_plans.shtml • Parks Element of the Comprehensive Plan: http://www.ci.bonney-lake.wa.us/section_business/community_development/comprehensive_plans.shtml#parks
Quinn Dahlstrom January 01, 2013 at 11:10 PM
Fred, i am not against the MPD -- I am against the wording that the council will be the governing body. I want the wording change that a commission or board will be the governing body and if they have to get paid so be it. The council can't handle both the legal ramifications of the city, the budget and all the meetings they attend and then throw this on themselves. Will they want more money to hanle the situation of a MPD? The MPD should be handled by a commission or board not the council -- so unless they change that wording I will continue to speak out against the whole thing-- And I recently learned Mayor Johnson has got the YMCA to write the "for-"- What is a Chrisitian organization doing with tax payers money? The YMCA should have nothing to do with the writing or involvement of a city function for a MPD. Why aren't we going toward a Community Center with said tax payer money?
James K McClimans Sr January 10, 2013 at 04:29 AM
Why is an MPD the only solution? Why not a bond? Why not an initiative to create a park dept and allocate 2% of revenues to it? What will the city do with the money it was planning for park maintenance? I am sorry, but this is just another case of government getting bigger. There are many ways of growing without forcing everyone to pay for other peoples luxuries. You must remember that an MPD is a NEW TAX, and a TAX is making people give the government money they did not want to give voluntarily. I would support a well defined bond that would provide the capital improvements. Couple a bond with an initiative to change the city charter to create a park dept and require funding for maintenance, and you have a solution that provides the capital for growth, and the maintenance for the future without growing government. Why grow government? Don't, improve the community through responsible government.


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