Sumner School District Accepting Nominations for Highly Capable Program

Do you think your elementary or middle-school student needs a challenge? Consider enrolling them in the SSD Highly Capable Program.

Each school year, Sumner School District accepts nominations of students in grades 2-5 whose educational needs might be best served by the District's Highly Capable Program. 

Students identified as highly capable in grades 3-5 are served in a self-contained "all day" program; at the middle school level the program provides students with challenging programs in social studies, language arts, math and science content areas.

Nominations:  January 3 - 31, 2013

Nomination forms will be available at all elementary and middle schools beginning Thursday, January 3. Forms will also be available on our
Web site.

Parent Information Night

6:30-7:30 PM
Monday, January 7, 2013
Lakeridge Middle School
5909 Myers Road East in Bonney Lake  

Parent Information Night is an overview of the nomination and selection process, discussion of the characteristics of highly capable students, and a description of the elementary and middle school Highly Capable Programs. 

If you have questions about the program, qualification criteria, or selection process, please contact Tari Littlefield at 253-891-6035.

Information provided by the Sumner School District

CoreyAnn January 03, 2013 at 05:55 PM
FYI - for parents of G&T or HCP kids. Get them out of the Sumner School District before High School. I was in the HCP (you rock Ms. Parks) through then Junior High and the transition to HS was poor. Most classes (including AP) were a huge step down from the level of coursework and thought processing going on in the HCP classes. Then my oldest child had the same problem going through HCP. We got him out in time, got him a scholarship at Charles Wright Academy, and then got him into the UW Robinson Center for Gifted Youth's Transition School. The Sumner School District is a failure when it comes to gifted & talented support and education after the middle school years. Without a successful transition plan and appropriate challenges at the HS level I feel many students (those like myself) will get bored and potentially drop out. Even the time between leaving HCP and when one can do Running Start can be detrimental in development. Just my $.02 but real gifted children need a school system that pushes them to greater heights at the high school level...not mainstreams them down into programs with a lower quality of intellectual stimulation and less challenging work.


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