Justin Evans
I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California.  I lived in a very large farming town, if it grew or moo'd, it was the center of my town.  Not much of a farmer or dairyman, I moved to Washington (Sumner) shortly after graduating High School in 1998.  
I started my Washington Career in Orting working for Hobart / Baxter Manufacturing within their Quality System.  I became interested in politics and worked heavily on the 2000 political campaigns... that landed me a job in Olympia working for a local Senator as his Legislative Session Aide.  Some of the greatest moments in my life include being apart of (2) bill passages and being present with the Governor (Locke) in his office at the time of their signing. From there i went on to work for a non-profit day center for seniors and people with learning disabilities.  It was challenging, but very rewarding.  Also during this time I became a resident volunteer fire fighter living at Station 93 in King County for nearly 3 years.  The challenges were enormous, but the reward was indescribable.  I spent 5 years with that department and made some life long friends and experiences. In 2004 I decided to get out of social work and into the business world.  Working with a commercial builder and several Fortune 500 companies, my business career highlights include drinking a cup of coffee with Howard Schultz at the 1st & Pike Starbucks before it's opening day. As my eccentric career continued, I found myself back in Sumner as a co-owner of a local tavern in 2009.  It afforded me the opportunity to meet many of the great people that lived and worked in the Sumner / Bonney Lake area and reminded me of the stories that still remain to be told by those without a voice. After the sale of the bar, I went back into Quality Systems Management, this time designing and implementing Quality Systems & Aerospace programs.  It's come full circle and my time with all these companies have been nothing but an on the job training program through my life and passions. Having built a house in Bonney Lake this year, I have found my home and can finally plant my roots.HobbiesWhen not working, I enjoy playing music.  I play guitar and drums.  Additionally, I love wood working and have just started working on building my 1st guitar.  I'm not a big fan of starting yard work, but once I find myself doing it, it is pretty tranquil.  Website design and ANYTHING on or around the water completes my typical free time. Politics  I'm very liberal when it comes to social issues, though I'm also a believer that we can do more with what we have if there were proper reform.  Taxes do not need to go up.  No one has ever accused our government of being efficient and maybe it's time we strive towards that category.I'm also very passionate about equal rights.  If it's a right, we should have to vote on it and if I'm able to do it, then so should everyone else.If I could change one item in the constitution it would be a revision to the 2nd Amendment.  As a resident of Bonney Lake & Pierce County, I know this isn't popular but despite all the rhetoric, the statement is true, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" I've always thought that should be revised to say "Guns don't kill people, people WITH GUNS kill people".  Our gun violence in this nation is off the charts and statistically you're more likely to be killed with your own gun than using it for self defense. Religion I am an admitted Atheist.  After years of searching, research, discuss and nearly two decades spent in the Church, I have come to the conclusion that as a person of Science, I just simply do not have the faith needed to be a man of God. Local Hot-Button Issues I am very progressive and would love to see some changes in the Sumner Valley.  From the Orton Junction to some youth based business in the downtown sector of Sumner, I would love to see the next generation of entrepreneurs flourish within this valley.
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